Monday, December 3, 2007

History Lessons

School at the Flanagan Household is always quite the experience. We have been learning about the puritans and the separatists (Pilgrims). I wish I would have learned history this way - maybe I would have remembered something! Learning wouldn't be complete without dressing up and acting out the parts! What a cute little pilgrim family - har har! The kids were happy that we didn't act out the part of wearing the same clothes day and night for 66 days like the Pilgrims did aboard the Mayflower. They were also relieved that emptying their chamber pots was not one of the chores assigned!

Here's the kids teaching our homeschool group one of the games the pilgrim children played - a version of marbles.

Here is Miss Lexie serving the group "hard tack" which was one of the foods "enjoyed" (not) on the Mayflower. Did you know the Pilgrims preferred eating in the dark on the Mayflower so they didn't have to see the bugs that were in their food?

We did however, have a little puritan/pilgrim punishment. Here is Jordan in the stockade or "Laughing Stock". I also threatened to poor cold water down their sleeves if they didn't behave like the punishment handed out to the Jamestown settlers.

Here is Lexie "spanking" clothes clean. We found out that it wasn't all that easy to clean clothes!

History lessons wouldn't be complete without learning about Puritan courting. When courting, you sat in front of your parents' fire (in the presence of your parents). The only privacy you had was whispering through a long tube to each other! We learned so much about God's provisions for the Pilgrims. Did you know that when they had planted their corn, there was a drought, they prayed for 9 hours straight and a small cloud moved overhead to rain on their crops?

Sisters, here is another reason to be thankful that we weren't Pilgrims. At the first Thanksgiving, there were only 4 women left alive (and some teenage girls) to prepare and serve the feast to over 100 people (the Indians brought 90 braves to the 3 day feast).

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving this year - we had fun making this vegetable turkey:

No, our history lessons are not over. This morning we started studying love and generosity by studying Christmas and the ways it is celebrated around the world: Here are my St. Lucias and Star Boy who served their family breakfast this a.m. like they do in Sweden. For those of you who don't have any idea who St. Lucia is, she is a girl who was martyred for refusing to marry a man because she felt she should dedicate her life to God. She was recognized for her giving spirit.

I told Jordan this a.m. - see you never know what will happen at the Flanagan Homeschool - and he replied "I figured that out a loooooooooong time ago!" I hope your holiday season is filled with the gifts of love, fun and family. I wish we all could be together - we are going to reenact the nativity story on Christmas Eve - you're missing out on some first class entertainment!!! Love ya!


Vonda said...

Kristi.....this is so great! I love the costumes. Mom said she was working on them. How adorable. You are so great at the home schooling. I wish I were closer so I could see this all the time. Remind me of the name of the program again. Jason's wife, SaMara was asking. I love you guys. Tell the little chickens I love them and give them a hug for us.

carrie & troy keiser said...

What great class time you have with your kids! Looks like it was fun for everyone! Keep up the good work {I just don't have the patience for homeschooling... I so admire those who can and excel at it! :)}

Kristi said...

Vonda - the name of the homeschool curriculum we use for everything but math and phonics is KONOS. This year I am doing her on-line teaching co-op with her curriculum. It is awesome, every week she does a video of herself teaching you how to become a master teacher with the lesson we are currently doing. I have learned so much and am getting even more out of her curriculum. Tell SaMara to call me if she has questions.

Carrie - you think I have patience? You funny woman! Don't you know how you get patience? By doing something that takes patience!!!! Homeschooling is more about growing the mom than anything!!! Thanks for the nice encouraging words!!!

Jill said...

I just love those munchkins! I love how you always have fun little projects and outfits for them to dress up in--what a fun homeschool!!! I especially love Lex in the tub washing dirty socks--can I borrow her next time ya'all are around these parts? heh heh!