Friday, December 14, 2007

A Loved Hobby

On Thursdays Jill has begun to come out to the house alone, no child or husband in tow, to learn to sew.  Dave's mom gave her the sewing machine that her great grandmother had just bought before she passed away in 1973.  It is amazing!  This machine is thirty four years old and sews beautifully.  In fact it runs better than mine which I have to admit is 26 years old.  Her great grandmother wrote inside the manual that the first time sewn on was 1973 and Dave said she died some time shortly after that....perhaps in 1974.  Delpha never sewed and said it had only been used a couple of time over the years.

Here is the trusty Sears Kenmore in all its glory.  It really is pretty cool that she has her great grandmothers machine. 

I love to sew.  I just rarely take the time to do it because I always seem to think that there are too many other things I need to be doing.  It is just a fun hobby for me so  it kind of gets shelved for other things.  But since Jill wanted to learn, I am so happy to be forced to take one day a week to get back into this.  

This week Jill made a baby receiving blanket.  It turned out so cute....all soft and cuddly.  She is doing great and we will keep on making fun stuff, especially for that new little baby coming due in the spring.  

Here is Jill with her big smile and her first blanket.     

Oh!  I almost forgot.  I get to go and see the ultrasound on Monday.  We should know if pink or blue fabric should be our next purchase by Monday morning!  Stay tuned!!!


Kristi said...

How fun Vonda and Jill - I'm jealous!!! I recently went to mom's house for sewing (a late night panic when my pilgrim outfit wasn't completed). Wasn't bad except for having to stand by the cracked-open door (freezing weather by the way) to inhale fresh, cigarette free air!!!

I love sewing too - as long as I don't have to be perfect. I have nicknamed myself the special-needs quilter. Would you like to join my special-needs quiliting group?

Kelli said...

Its so neat that the sewing machine is our Great Grandma's and it works so well! What a fun little hobby to have, especially with little ones around. The blanket looks great!

The Dairy Wife said...

Vonda and Jill ... wasn't it fun to "sew together?" I taught Juli to sew and that night was priceless. Funny, sentimental, we laughed and had a great time.

I have that same Kenmore of my Grandmother's. I love it. Especially since it was my Grandmothers and it made my Barbie clothes.

How wonderful to see the ultrasound. Did you feel the love?

Vonda, I tagged you ... so come get it!


Vonda said...


You sew beautifully. You have made some of the cutest things for me in the last several years. I am already in the special needs quilters group. But I do wish we could sew crookedly together.....


Yes it is fun sewing and we hope to do lots more. I was at the ultra sound this morning but can't spill the beans before Jill I will wait till later in the day. I will have to think about the Christmas tag.....hmmm! What to write.