Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Twelve Christmasy Things About Me

Tanya from The Dairy Wife has tagged me to come up with twelve things about Christmas and little old me.  Hmmmm.

  1. I remember that one year I really, really wanted a Easy Bake Oven for Christmas.  So, so bad!  A friend had one and I thought I really needed one too.  Of course my mom probably thought I would burn the house down and kept trying to talk me out of it.  But good old Santa brought me.....nope not an Easy Bake Oven.  Gotcha!  But close enough.  I did get a little oven called the Cookie Factory.   It was very cute...had a little belt system that you put the cookie sheet on and it slowly moved through the oven and came out the other side with the baked cookies.  I often wonder what happened to that.  Could it be that it disappeared when the wood shed caught fire?  Just jokin!
  2.  One year I really wanted a baby buggy and lo and behold I got one.  But I apparently didn't take very good care of it because my mom threatened and followed through that if I left it out in the snow one more time she would give it away.  And huh, she did.  But the funny thing is I don't remember feeling traumatized by it.  I guess I was probably happy in my own little wonder world of cardboard boxes and such.
  3.  I remember the way the colored lights on the tree would make the entire living room so magical when we would wake up at 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning and sneak through to our parents bedroom to ask them if we could get up.  Oh the anticipation!
  4. I loved this little village of cardboard houses (similar to the one above) that our mom had when we lived in Durkee.  I don't know what ever happened to that but it didn't last long and I have been looking for one like it ever since.  I have noticed they are back this year only bigger. I used to stare at this village for hours but mom wouldn't let me touch it because it sat on angel hair. She warned me that all my fingers would be sliced off at the knuckles if I touched the angel hair.  What kind of an angel had hair like that I wondered?
  5. I love to decorate my home in kind of an old fashioned homey way.  I don't much care for tons of lights all over my house but I just want a warm and comfy atmosphere.  Too many lights makes me feel like I am going to have a seizure or that I am in a Mall.
  6. I love to give way more than receive.  I love the look of excitement and anticipation on children's faces.  I love the feeling of the Christmas spirit in everyone.
  7. My all time favorite Christmas CD is The Very Best of Burl Ives Christmas.  There is something about his voice that warms my heart.  However, Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong Christmas CD last year runs a close second.
  8. When the kids were little Brian just could not contain himself.  He was forever trying to guess what was in each package and so needless to say the other three also were shaking, rattling and turning each package into a ratty mess.  One Christmas Kyla and Brian sneakily opened their gifts before Christmas and tried to re-wrap them.  When I saw the mess under the tree I knew and took all their gifts away and said that I was taking them back to the store.  This was after much warning and threatening.  Mean old me stood my ground until Christmas morning.  Of course they were all back under the tree but I had them going for a good couple of weeks.  Very sad faces.
  9. Well after the above mean mom trick, I  would only put PEACH, PEAR, PLUM and ORANGE on the packages.  My code drove them nuts.  I also have used numbers.  No more shaky, shaky!
  10. We buy an ornament for each child every year.  It always is so much fun to have an excuse to look at all the cool ornaments.
  11. I always fix home made noodles each year.  Yummy!  My  mom and paternal grandmother always did this.  In fact my grandma taught me to make these one Christmas on mom's  kitchen table....no bowl or anything.  She just poured a pile of flour in the center of the table, made a well in the center and cracked six eggs in that well.  No measurements.  She just said to begin to gradually add four in and knead until the right consistency.  Good old Hungarian grandma.  That is how she cooked everything.
  12. I always have a real tree because I love the smell but I can't stand the tree to be up after Christmas.  I like to have it up the first weekend of December and take it down the day after Christmas if possible. I think it must be the let down I feel when everything is over.  Or it could be that I go back to being scrooge.
So now I want to tag some others.  How about you Jill at My Little Love Byro, Kelli at The Life of Kelli, Karen at Grams, Ma, Seetheart, Karen and of course my sisters who can do it right here on our blog.  So come on Kristi, Barb and Loretta.  Let's hear some Christmasy things about all of you!


Kelli said...

Ha ha very good Christmas facts! I love the one about your baby buggy being taken away and not really caring because you were happy in your "own little wonder world of cardboard boxes and such". I have great memories, I'll have to think of some really good ones to write down.

The Dairy Wife said...

Can I join as one of your sisters? I'm telling you ... I could have written that for you.

My Grandmother taught me to make noodles the same way ... in fact I think I'm going to blog my noodle story and my adventure as a noodlemaker when in high school. My daughter Juli also had a little noodle "holiday" business one year while in high school. I too do homemade noodles. They are so good.

Vonda, I sure hope that one of these days I get the chance to meet you. I think we'd have a ball. Why don't you and the sisters come to Indiana for your next vacation and you all can milk some cows?


Kristi said...


We would all love to come milk cows with you! We used to tell the "city" kids that came out to our farm to come look at the star and the cow's teet - they always fell for it and got a squirt of milk in the face. I even milked goats - can you top that? AND, I had a pet pig named squeaker (ran around like a dog outside - yes, we were true hillbillies) and my mean brothers and sisters kept calling him Orville Hog - can you believe it?


Midlife Gals said...

Yay! More twisted sisters! We've been LOOKING for you all! Thanks for coming by The Midlife Gals blog...we loved your comment on our posting, "The Ancient One Takes a Field Trip."

Turns out that our blog has been noticed and will be featured in MORE Magazine (their Feb issue which comes out on Jan 15). Considering how many bloggers there are out there, we're so excited we could SPIT! I'd love to add your blog to my favorite 'other' blogs list on our site...would you return the favor?

Merry Ho Ho!

KK and SalGal at

Midlife Gals said...

Hehehe. You prolly watched our Marie Antoinette video which is our favorite! Whenever we really do think about rolling The Ancient One right off a cliff in her jazzy scooter, we look at each other, take a deep breath, meet up in our computer room which we’ve dubbed our ‘magic room,’ and pull up the Marie Antoinette video. We always wind up hitting each other as we laugh so hard we have to re-apply our makeup. Then, we’re good to go on the caregiving thingy for another few weeks.

And, speaking of our Netflix reviews. We are so delusional and filled with such feelings of grandeur that we’re getting an agent and shopping the review videos around LA as our audition tapes for a possible sitcom starring us, of course. We would be sorta like AbFab in Texas or this decade’s Golden Girls on mushrooms. Cross your fingers!

I’m curious to know how you found our site. We didn’t even know what a blog was in July. I got bored waiting for my literary agent to read the manuscript of my first ever novel, A Texan Goes to Nirvana, so I researched blogs and by Gawd, we had one at the end of August. I’m learning how to track visitors and all kinds of other techy stuff.

And, where are you and all of your sisters? I need your email!


PS Will you all be our new BCFs?

carrie & troy keiser said...

I enjoyed reading all of these. Since we were shakers and peeker as kids, I avoid the whole thing, by not putting anything under the tree untill everyone is in bed on Christmas eve. Like the code system though.

Vonda said...


You can be a sister any time....we would have a great time I think. Kristi is right.... we could milk your cows with you but I have to say we didn't use those new-fangled milking machines. My arms are as muscular as Hulk Hogan from milking cows as a kid. I guess that is why all the boys in school used me as a shield.

That is awesome about the homemade noodles. I would love to meet you eventually too. Perhaps we could get your three wild ones together with my two youngest grandchildren. Now that would be a sight!

Vonda said...

Hey midlife gals,

I sent you an email with my email address. We are from Oregon, born and raised in the small northeastern town of Baker City. Well actually we were born in a tiny town Idaho but lived in Oregon. That is all except our brother who was born in the car. Another story another time.