Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Very Merry

Sunday afternoon Dave and I were doing a little Christmas shopping and when we got home 

THIS WAS WHAT WE FOUND....................

Is this not the greatest thing ever?  I have wanted something to go around our wood stove to protect the little people who roam our house.  It worries me so much that I am constantly running after them when they head toward the family room/kitchen area.  We end up closing off that area sometimes just to make sure that the these little munchkins are safe.  Jill and Wade were so sneaky.  Wade built this with the help of his neighbor who had built one for his own stove.  They ask us to bring our pickup (aka the green turd) in so they could move something big.  We didn't think anything about it because they often help Wade's dad or mom move stuff.  I can't tell you all how happy, happy, happy I am.

Now this one (Emmy)

and this one (Lucy)

and this one (Byron)
will finally be safe as well as any other little guys that visit.  Or even klutzy grandmas that trip over things....I'm not telling who.

Thank you Wade and Jill!  Now can you build me a big corral for this?


Kristi said...


Nice!!!! Wade and Jill are definitely on the "nice" list for now!!! Great timing Jill - just in time for Santa's good list before Christmas (hee, hee).

Vonda - who could that child be that is floundering in the pool?

Jill said...

Wow my husband is so talented. Although he claims he only cut a few pieces of wood and went back and forth to Jerry's 3 or 4 times while Garrett did most of the work...but I still say he did a fantastic job! And yes, Aunt Krissie, I thought I was mighty clever as to our timing as well...

Vonda said...

I don't think Jordie is floundering. He swims like nobodies business. I have never seen a kid that loves the water so much.

The Dairy Wife said...


That is nice. We have a old wood burning stove on our enclosed back porch (couldn't get the man to ditch it when I moved here). I'm going to show Von that picture. It's just what I need.


carrie & troy keiser said...

That fence/gate is WAY cool! I love your new look!