Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ahem! What's In A Name?

Sisters as you know Jill has been learning to sew and has made some really cute little blankets for her upcoming large little baby boy who will arrive around May 1st. She is planning on nursing and was looking on line for some type of cover up for when she is nursing in the general public or the children in her day care. Well, here is what she found.

There is a company called Bebe au Lait that makes these nifty covers that look like a soft receiving blanket with a flexible top that looks like it has boning in it. It has a strap that goes around the mom's neck to hold it in place and the flexible top allows the mom to look down and see the baby all without having to the lift the blanket. I know many people don't have modesty while nursing but there are many that still do so it is a great invention. I found a tutorial on another blog on how to make these so this is our next project.

So here is the problem I have with this. It is the name...."Hooter Hider Nursing Cover".  At first I thought she was just kidding and trying to gross out Dave and Wade because she is known to do that with her horrific burps and other things she says and does.  But this time she was serious.  She showed me the website for these.  How can they name a cover like this and say that it is a nursing cover for chic mothers.  They  just contradict themselves.  Somehow the vision in my head is not the lovely nursing mother above but of a giant bosomed playgirl from Hef's mansion popping out of her bra trying to cover up her huge assets with a Kleenex. I have to admit I laugh when I think about it.  

But gosh!  Off we go to sew a Hooter Hider.  I just love to say that.


Kristi said...

Hooter Hider - I never had one of these, maybe its because I've never had "hooters" just little "beeps"!

Jill said...

I agree completely--how immodest is the term "Hooter Hider"??? I, personally, much prefer the name "Titty Tent" or maybe even "Nifty Knocker Invisi-maker". Heh heh the longer I think about it, the more gross names I come up with to hide my rather voluptuous "twins". Hefner would be proud of these puppies...

The Dairy Wife said...

How's about a "Booby Bag?" Hee-Hee!

Sadly, I nursed my four older kids and never even had boobies ... then had the triplets and had whoopers and didn't nurse them. Go figure!