Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Boston Massacre - Interpreted the Flanagan Kids Way!

Good Day Fellow Americans (aka Fuzi Sisters and Nieces)! It's time once again for a history lesson on the Revolutionary War. Today's lesson is on the Boston Massacre (the Flanagan Kids' Way). I hope you all are taking notes for your test!

Here are the still shots:

Everyone looking mean and tough:

The riot erupts:

And now, the live action:

I have to tell you a little about the out-takes we had on this one. Addie kept getting "Lobster Back and Bloody Back" mixed up - or combined. She was yelling you "Bast***s" - so much for the "G" rating, so we had to edit it out! Plus, all you could hear after that was me laughing hysterically!


Egghead said...

I know I have told you but this is soooo cool. I love the video and the girls just seemed to really get in to pelting Jordie with the snowballs. What a hoot. Great job kiddos and of course mommy.

Jill said...

man, can I throw snow balls at Jordie? Just for fun? I'll dress up in a black hat and gather a mob as well if only i can throw snow balls at the kid! This is adorable, aunt Kris! Though I think those girls were having way too much I would... :) he he he! Little goof balls!

Kelli said...

Man these kids have such fun lessons! I love Jordie's outfit, its great! And he really knows his stuff too, what smart kiddos!

Hope said...

I was googling Boston Massacre for children and found your website. I showed it to my son (9) and he loved it. He wanted to know if you got paid to make the video...don't we wish?
Looks like you had a lot of fun. You've inspired me!