Sunday, January 20, 2008

Burnt Pancakes and Rolling Eyes

It's been a typical day in my life has a homeschooling mom of three. I wish I could say I handle every incident or bobble with coolness. I have an "issue" though, when anything goes haywire that makes me late for an appointment I get a little stressed. I don't like being late - it makes me cranky - just ask my kids! So with my life, I guess you could say I have quite a few "issues".

Here is a typical occurrence. I'm in the shower, we have an appointment at the library for a meeting. Jordan walks in and asks if he can make pancakes, I say "no, lets do the cold cereal thing." Jordan, that persuasive boy, then proceeds to talk me into pancakes against my better judgment. Needles to say, when I walk out of the bathroom our kitchen is boiling with smoke - oops, so much for pancakes - just a great big mess to clean up. So we proceed to clean-up, about halfway through I realize we are going to be late - o.k. now I'm cranky! Yes, I later repented and my sweet kids forgave me! We finally make it to the library, I'm checking in some overdue books (typical for a homeschool mom). The librarian who is helping me says in an alarmed voice: "I smell something burning!" She starts to look around her, sure the library is on fire. She really looked panicked and I knew that investigating the entire library to find the source of the fire would make me later for my meeting. So, yes, I had to admit that she was smelling me and my coat (which hangs at the back door in our kitchen): "Its probably me, I smell like burnt pancakes." The librarian replies: "that's exactly what it smells like!" In my former life, when I had more pride, worked full-time, etc, I would have been horrified. Funny thing is, it really didn't embarrass me at all. No pride left - each child has knocked me down a few pegs (as well as I should have been)! That's the thing about kids, they make you real - what a blessing!

There is also much laughter in our home - today, Addie said she wanted to roll her eyes around in her head. She previously figured out how to cross her eyes which she thinks is a very special talent. So, here is Addie attempting to roll her eyes around in her head - check out her tongue.

Of course, Lexie needed to try to roll her eyes around in her head also:

So as you can see, laughter abounds in our house. I wouldn't have it any other way. Life is so short, I wish I could hold on to each moment, but my feeble brain fails me: hence the videos!


Vonda said...

That was about the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Addie's tounge and mouth just could not be still and Lexie.....I love that her rolling eyes stayed so completely still while her mouth went wide. Both Kelli and I were laughing until tears came. They are hilarious. Silly girls.

Kelli said...

These are great videos, I had to watch them again! Such funny girls :) That tongue operation must really help with the rolling of the eyes!

carrie & troy keiser said...


Jill said...

Goobs! I actually think I squirted (you can only guess where from) when I watched these! I love how Addie's tongue got out of control, rolling all over the place and then Lexie! Lexie's mouth did all the rolling, while her eyes just chilled in one place! But the best part is hearing you cracking up the whole time, your laugh is so infectious! Them's some cute little twerps of yours! ;D

Vonda said...

Oh I just read this again. Tell Jordie that the new perfume he made for his mom is fabulous! The pancake making will improve. Fun!