Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year Sisters....Be In Your Center.....

Brian, Jill and Kelli yukking it up.  This is what I deal with constantly when I ask for a nice smile.  

Well here they are a little better.  

I only want to make you three sisters feel like your life is swell so I am going to tell you a story.   So over the Christmas holiday we all came down with bad colds and coughs.  But it wasn't extreme so we will recover.  In time for the new year our hot water heaters both decide to fizzle out.  Not because they are old but because a leak developed in the flexible copper pipe connecting them together.  It sprayed all over under the house where they are located and shorted out both hot water heaters.  We called for a plumber but they couldn't get there for two days so we heated water for baths and stuff.  After fixing the problem we can only turn on one while the other dries out and it is not sufficient for our household to have one 50 gallon heater.  In fact, while taking a shower I usually hear a screech mid shower from whomever is lucky enough to be second in line.  The water gets pretty icy out here sometimes.  I think I saw an icicle hanging out of Dave's nose this morning. 

In the meantime our switch for the pump decided it would not work on its own to fill the holding tanks.  So in order to take a lukewarm bath I had to run the barely warm water in the tub, run out and prime the pump by manually holding down the switch so Dave could have some water after me.  Then the breaker switch to the hot water heater had to be shut off for the day because we didn't want to risk the pump losing it prime and burning up the hot water heater. Now the switch is fixed but we found another problem.  Our holding tank is worn out and is losing pressure so we need to have it replaced before summer.  This follows the month of November where our furnace decided to quit by burning up the breaker panel.  So after several calls and trips by the furnace company and a replaced panel we finally have heat. 

Of course amidst this Kelli  has been having some problems with we think asthma so we spent six hours sitting at Urgent Care yesterday. I guess I should read every self-help book known to man to try to put myself in my  "center " like I overheard a rather large capacity girl telling her friend who was in pain in urgent care yesterday.  This girl kept telling the friend in pain to "breathe.....find your center........relax".  I feel like all she needed was a magic wand to wave over that girl and a rather large fairy godmother sparkly dress.  I wonder if the doctor used the same method.

Now off I go to "be in my center...Ohm"


Jill said...

Poor Mom...with kids like those freaks on the couch, I'm surprised you haven't perfected the art of the "OHM" long before now...or maybe you have, and that's why you've never thrown us off a tall building. Yet.

carrie & troy keiser said...

I'm sorry to hear about all your troubles, in the fashion I have come to expect from you, you related it so well as to cause the laughs to occur and making me look somewhat like those on your couch! :D :P How was that for a run-on sentence?

Barb said...

Listen girl, you need to come on over and take a warm shower, sit in a warm room next to the fireplace and I'll make you some chicken soup. All you have to do is: beg, threaten, and plead with the lads in our house to take less than a 20 minute shower (I find flushing the cammode usually does the trick now). Run to the counter, table or fridge and fill your plate before (same as above lads) dig in. But we do have new furniture (Merry Christmas, Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday for the next couple of years) so you will have a place to sit - it may not be by the fire but we are bigger that they are so.... I think your house is the official money pit of 2007. It's time to saddle up and move. Giddyup Dave!
Love ya, Barb