Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kelli's House Guest

When Kelli moved back home to save some money for her last year of college I knew she would be bringing someone along. You might think that I would be against her having a live-in friend move to our home but it really hasn't been so bad. This guest really does not eat so much, but he does require a special diet. I thought at first it would be very inconvenient and I must say I have grown fond of him in a short amount of time. The only inconvenience is that he needs to eat in his frame of time, not in ours which means he just will not leave any of us alone until he gets his food. I used to think Kyla was the one that had a problem with her eating time frames but this guy is worse. He makes a huge amount of noise and activity if we don't get on with the food scene. Sometimes I think it is quite rude but what is a mom to do? I love my daughter and I am trying to accommodate her friend.

This morning I was ironing in the laundry room and I heard a crash. I thought he was being a little loud and was going to wake the rest of the house up so I walked into the family room. There he was. I forgot to mention that Kelli has to keep him locked up when she is not with him. He has a few bad habits that get out of hand if he is left alone. He had escaped her lockup but allowed me to put him back in and secure the lock.

There is a down side to this guest though. He poops A LOT. I don't mean once or twice a day but it seems he is always relieving himself. I suppose it is his diet. After all when you eat a steady diet of carrots, celery and meadow hay all that roughage just seems to re-appear quickly.

Oh and his name is Marvin.


Jill said...

My nephew, Marvin, sure is a picky eater. Criminy. And he poops more than his cousin Byron. That right there is amazing in itself!