Friday, January 25, 2008

Remembrances From Yesteryear

Well here it is 3:45 am and as usual I have nothing better to do than read our blog and laugh. Anyway, after having talked with Vonda the other day, I agreed to blog about my Christmas laugh. As one might expect our poor mother seems to be at the butt of some of our laughter but then she is used to it by now. Anyway, on with the story. Just before leaving home to go to Baker for Christmas I talked with mom on the phone. During the conversation she said "Oh by the way, I have looked everywhere and cannot find a brush like the one I have had for quite some time. It is beginning to look kind of sad. I wonder if you might be able to find one before you come home and I will pay for it?" After she explained what kind of brush she was talking about and advised that it was one she had gotten through Avon, who no longer carried it, I envisioned the one she was talking about. But surely this couldn't be as the brush I see in my head would have to be at least some 40 years old. No way I tell myself but I assure her I know what she is talking about and am quite sure I can find one for her. I indeed am able to find not one, but two. I decide I'll go ahead and get two so she will have one on hand in case she either loses one or maybe while "sanitizing" one she will still have a spare.

Well I get to her house during my time in Baker and behold she pulls out this blue-green brush from Avon to show it to me. She advises she was going to use it in the dog grooming room but didn't think it would work. I look at this poor bedraggled thing she is holding in her hand and it was all I could do to keep from rolling hysterically on the ground laughing. Now that would be a sight. I can see the headlines now, "52 year old found dead on the floor, appearing to have died writhing and slashing on the floor of her bewildered mothers home. Sad as it may seem, at least she died with a smile on her face".

I have tried to find a picture of a brush everywhere that could adequately depict this brush but, try as I might, I cannot find one. At any rate, you will all just have to envision, if you can, this brush. This is in fact the one and only same brush that mom used on our hair as children. The only difference is that it now literally has no bristles in the center of the brush. ONLY bristles at the very tip and very beginning of the brush. I look at the brush and wonder how on earth mom has been able to brush her hair at all, then realize that all this time she has been telling me her hair is falling out, she is right - but not from natural causes, but from trying to brush her hair with 8 bristles. I did not want to hurt her feelings so I tell her to sit down and I take one of the new brushes and brush her hair for her so I can hide the silent belly laugh I am having. I should have grabbed on to that brush, put it in a shadow box, and saved it for fond memories to all the Fuzi kids. Mom was so appreciative of the new brushes but she didn't know I was so tickled over what I had just witnessed that I would gladly have brought her a dozen if I had known what a funny sight I would behold. Now all you Fuzi sisters - I bet you know exactly what brush I am talking about. Anyway hope all of you are having a great new year!


Kristi said...

Hey - Loretta! Its nice to hear you come to visit us - hint, hint (that means write and comment more you silly!) I remember the hairbrush well - poor mom - its a wonder she has any hair left after the seven of us! I'm not sure I can blame it on the hairbrush!

Kelli said...

Poor poor grandma! Why in the world did she wait so long to get a new brush?! She probably has better brushes for the dogs!

Vonda said...

I think that might be the brush Brian used when he stayed with Mom and Dad to help on the ranch. You know he doesn't need many bristles in he middle. Perhaps he played a small joke on Grandma.

Jill said...

That's rad! I love the old, naked brush story! That kind of reminds me of Dad's oooold pink brush from back in the day...I've always wondered whatever happened to that brush! See, Aunt Loretta, even Gram finds it convenient to have a child in the beauty industry! You're better than a bucket of gold!!! :) love you!