Monday, January 28, 2008

Revolutionary War - Boston Tea Party

Hello sisters - Today's history lesson is about the Boston Tea Party. We've got some mighty fine Indians acting for us today:

Here they are with their friendly face - Who us? We wouldn't dump tea!:

And here they are with their mean, angry about tea tax faces:

And here they are in action:


Vonda said...

This is so cute...I love the costumes and war paint. I wonder if the ship really looked like that with all the cool fish paintings. I kind of remember that boat from a birthday party for Jordan.

Great acting kids and mom, your talents are shining through. Keep them coming!

PhotoChick said...

I'm sure you know I've been lurking about for several weeks, but I couldn't resist to comment - Such wonderful winter shots!!! I'm almost jealous of your beautiful snow and pictures :o)

We were supposed to get between 2 & 8 inches around the area... They may have gotten more north & west of here but we only got a dusting! Schools here in town let out early yesterday, most are on delay or canceled today - and for a dusting!

And, speaking of school thank you very much for the history reminder as well - those kiddos look so cute!!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods - take care & God Bless

Love Amanda