Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rush Hour Crazy

Picture driving along downtown at rush hour. You glance over at the car beside you to see a fifty-something man writhing in the passenger side, seeming to be in pain with his right arm up raised above him, large hand over his crown with fingers spread looking something like a giant spider attached to the top of his head.  A second look lets you see that his left hand is grasping his right wrist and he is trying to pull the hand off of his head.  He begins to struggle and writhe in his seat then the spider hand moves down over his face.  He continues this for a few more seconds then you see him turn in his seat and reach to the back seat to do something that you can't make out.

Yes, this is Dave.  Yes, he is playing spider with Lucy and you would not believe the strange looks I was getting from people beside and behind us including a police officer who could not see a child in the car.  I just sheepishly smiled and shrugged my shoulders at them all the while making the crazy sign and pointing at him.  

Being a grandfather is grand!


Kristi said...

This is so cute - I love hearing about Dave being a bit goofy - he always acts so cool when we come to visit! I guess we're taking up all the time being goofy for him! I loved seeing the video of him dancing and playing air guitar with the girls (on wee ones).

Kelli said...

Dad is special.

Kelli said...


Vonda said...

Ed. Who is Ed? Ha, ha Kelli.