Monday, January 7, 2008

Welcome to our 50's

I should preface this by saying that our family is somewhat unusual. I bet you couldn't guess that. Two of my aunts (my moms youngest sisters) are the same age as myself and my oldest sister. That meant that my mom and my grandma were pregnant at the same time. Twice. We grew up with our aunts, whom we really don't think of as aunts but maybe close cousins or sisters, and spent lots of time together either at our house or my grandparents. At my grandparents house I learned from Nancy (my age) the fine art of cussing out cows when you were kicked through the air and slammed into the barn wall. I learned that shoveling pig poo knee deep in the pen in the spring was not a career or hobby I cared to repeat each year and many, many other things. Nancy and I spent many a summer afternoon eating my grandmothers profit from her juicy red raspberries straight from the bushes. I remember sitting on the ground in the center where no one really could see us. I am sure grandma knew but she never got after me.

Nancy is probably one of the most amazing people I know. She has done many unusual things and has always pushed ahead even against many obstacles. Just some of the things I can think of is that she has her pilots license so she could fly her husband in to remote areas to hunt in Alaska, she has a college education and teaches classes at Alaska Pacific University in her spare time, she trained to become an Alaskan state trooper, she can hunt, fish and bow shoot as well as any man and never hesitates to try something new. I understand she and Mickey (her husband) went on an African safari this fall. She inspires people and has a big heart. Oh and she can be as crude as the worst hillbilly. I'm proud.

Nancy's 50th birthday is this month and I have been trying to think of a way to ring in her 50's and welcome her to the same club as the rest of us. It needed to be just a little special because I know she wouldn't want it any other way. I may live to regret this. Amen and Hail Mary.

So Nancy, here's to you and your special birthday. I love you, really.


Kristi said...

ok sis - your talents never cease to amaze me. Great weird people trick - now I'll have to post one of mine - stay tuned!


Loretta said...

Now that's ringing in the 50s (not that I would know or anything). Schelly thought this was great but also asked if my middle name was Nancy. Silly little daughter of mine thought you were singing the pig song to me......How could that possibly be I told her, you know mommy is only 29, whence she increduously looked into my face and said "are you sure? But of course came my whimsicle reply. Ahh the gullability of a six year old. Anyway, I love this!

carrie & troy keiser said...

:) :D