Friday, February 15, 2008

The Battle of Bunker Hill

We've been learning about the Battle of Bunker Hill this week. As you know, our curriculum is really "hands-on". We made a salt dough map of the battle. Here they are making the map:

And here we have the cast of actors featured in our Bunker Hill video: Abbigail Adams:

And William Prescott:

O.k. - ready for an education? Here we go:


Kelli said...

I love how caught up in her performance Addie was! She was very upset, she could hardly talk! What excellent actors/actresses! And that salt dough map look fun!

Vonda said...

This is so cool. I remember making those salt dough maps when I was in grade school. Jordan, Lexie and Addie you guys are so smart. Of course you mom and dad are about the best fun teachers I always wished I had. Great job guys.