Friday, February 22, 2008

The Battles at Moores Creek, Fort Sullivan

Did you know that not all the battles in the American Revolution were against the British soldiers? Take a look at this battle - The Battle of Moores Creek in North Carolina.

Who are these people and why are they dressed in skirts? Well in this battle a group of Scottish decent Tories attacked the Whigs. What are Tories and Whigs? Tories were colonists who were loyal to the Crown (England) and the Whigs were the patriots. A group of Scottish Tories attacked the patriots over a bridge at Moores Creek - they failed miserably and the patriots were able to confiscate quite a bit of ammunition and supplies from them.

Now for the Battle at Fort Sullivan in South Carolina. Take a look at this guy:
This is Sir Peter Parker who got the back side of his britches blown off by a revolutionist's cannon ball.

We had fun with an experiment while learning about this battle. Fort Sullivan was a rickety old fort. When the revolutionists found out that the British were going to attack, they fortified it with the only thing available: Palmetto (Palm) trees. These spongy trees were used along with sand behind them. Did it work? Were the Revolutionists better protected with Palmetto trees than with regular trees? 

We tried an experiment with sponge for our Palmetto trees:

And toothpicks as regular trees:

Then we went a shoot'n with Jordie's BB gun:

We discovered that Pamletto trees worked quite nicely. They "swallowed up the ammunition"

While the regular trees tended to just break off:

So yes, the Revolutionists at Fort Sullivan were well protected, they won the battle, and South Carolina still has the Palmetto Tree on its flag!


Jill said...

I think Jordie liked the swift rush of wind on his bare buns when his britches got blown off...he looks far too happy!!! :) he he! I like your little experiment with the trees, too, very clever!

Kelli said...

Such fun little projects! What great ideas you come up with!

Vonda said...

I love the mean faces. Great job kids. It looks like a fun experiment and I bet you guys loved shooting BB's at those trees. Jordan, you should be an actor. I think I might have to put your pictures on my wall of weird family members. Ha ha! Keep bringing on the cool projects.

carrie & troy keiser said...

I get an education when you post! Thanks for sharing your homeschool history lessons.