Sunday, February 24, 2008

Crossing the Delaware - The Battle of Trenton & Princeton

Hey sisters and nieces - here is another way I torture my homeschooled children. Send them out barefoot in the snow to see what the soldiers in the revolution felt like. You know, many had just rags on their feet, if anything, as they marched in the cold, icy snow. They left bloody footprints - so of course my children need to "feel their pain":

Of course, Soldier Lexie was insubordinate - no way was she going to be "foolish enough" to go outside with bare feet in the snow. She did, however, enjoy watching her siblings! So, now for a little education on crossing the Delaware and the battles of Trenton and Princeton:


Vonda said...

Torture. Now I know why you home school. You can enjoy some of the torture in person. I love the look on Addie's face. And Jordan trying to act like its no big deal.

Kelli said...

Ha I love that picture of them. And why is Jordan wearing shorts?! Was he trying to enforce the torture? I also really like the ship with its men in the video!