Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Loretta

Although I wasn't around at the time fifty three years ago our parents brought home a second little girl. I look back over the years and I remember how loyal and softhearted you always were and still are. You have always been a loving and supportive sister and I want you to know how in awe I am of your strength. You have had a very hard personal life and through it all you held your head up proudly and pushed on no matter how bleak each day might have looked. Your strength and ability to love so strongly taught me how to be strong in the most difficult time of my life, that of losing my daughter. Your sense of family, strong determination and love touches so very many people. You deserve all things wonderful.

Happy Birthday sis. I love you.


Kristi said...

Happy birthday sister - I love and miss you. We are all so blessed to have you.


Jill said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Loretta! Hope you have a great one, and nevermind the labels mom has for this blog--"Aging" and "Loretta". Rude! I think she's just showing off that she's still younger... Just kidding! Love and miss you! Give Schelley a big fat slimy nasty kiss for me, and Shalon as well next time you see him!

Country Girl said...

Two posts above this, you asked for us to delurk and let you know what made us laugh out loud.

How about this one for making me cry out loud?

What a beautiful post. Yes, I'm in tears. Maybe because I've been so sick all week. Maybe menopausal. Doesn't matter. It was just real good to read. Beautiful sister, too.

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Loretta! I love and miss you lots, I hope to see you soon!