Monday, February 18, 2008

My Foot's Asleep, Holes in My Socks and I've Cut My Hair with Cuticle Scissors!

I bet you all are wondering what else we do besides homeschool - well, here is a typical weekend:

Addie Mae's foot was asleep so she decided this little number would wake it up:

Jordan insists on wearing clothes that are too small, with holes or so worn out you can see through them - does anyone else deal with this? He has dug WAY TOO SMALL of sweats out of the trash (size 7 - he is 11 years old mind you) and this weekend he was wearing another pair of THOSE socks - you know, the socks where you can see the soles of his feet through them because they are so thin! I had to wrestle him down and rip the sock off. Of course, he was looking to just dig it back out of the garbage. So I fixed him - well at least I tried - take a look at it now:

Now, you ask about what Lexie is up to? Well, while I was grocery shopping this weekend and Dad was watching (NOT) her, she decides to become a beautician with a pair of cuticle scissors:

Loretta: Can you help with this????? Aren't you a magician - I mean beautician? Can't you glue bangs back on? I can't help but wonder how long she was in the bathroom, I mean cuticle scissors are tiny!!! I'm lucky her hair was in braids and she only trimmed the ends of those - otherwise she might have had a crew cut when I got back!


Vonda said...

Well first of all I think Lexie didn't cut her hair. I am pretty sure it was a sibling while she slept. I know that happened to me when I was young. I magically woke with my bangs cut to nubbins and I thing John might have done it. Har har!

Then Jordan. This also makes me laugh because I remember Brian wearing the same pair of parachute pants day after day even when they were full of holes and too small. He didn't even want me to wash them. I had to sneak them out in the trash on the garbage day.

Addie, oh Addie. What a goof. I am surprised more of her teeth didn't fall out with all that shaking.

Funny post.

april said...

Well, now she looks like one of those weird homeschooled kids! :)

Kristi said...

April - that is exactly what I tell my son who likes to wear his old, too small sweats - "Go change so you don't look like your homeschooled or I'll have to go get my denim jumper and rubber boots!"


Jill said...

Heh heh this was probably the funniest post I've read in a long time! Poor Jordie and his fancy socks--just tell him that instead of socks, he now has leg warmers! They are coming back in style, after all... And Lexie with her "new" bangs...I'd like to pretend that someone cut MY bangs while I was sleeping, like mom is able to say, but alas, I remember hacking them off. And, of course, being called "Forrest" for weeks afterward. I'm impressed she has the skills (and patience) to whack away at her hair with cuticle scissors! What a goob! Now I'm not so worried that my kid is the only weirdo in the family... :) he he! I love your little munchkins!

Kelli said...

Ha ha ha! Oh this is funny, what a family of goofballs! I love Lexie's hair-chopping skills! And I think Addie's whole body must have fallen asleep on her, but it looks like she woke it all up! And oh Jordan, what a funny kid! I love how kids have their favorite clothes and refuse to let them go. I remember having the same separation anxiety with my clothes ;)