Monday, February 18, 2008

Nathan Hale - and the Battle of Long Island (we lost this one!)

No, don't worry, we're not torturing our children (too much anyway) in homeschooling! This is Nathan Hale - one of the brave souls who gave his life for his country. He really looks dead huh? Don't worry he's not! We also have a bit of information for you about the battle at Long Island. The revolutionists were almost trapped in this one but God provides a way out and George Washington took it!


Vonda said...

Oh Nathan Hale, er Jordan I mean. I love the tortured look on your face as you gave your life for us and our country. I especially love the look on your face at the very end of the video...kind of a half tortured smile. Ha ha ha. Good job kids and mommy. Kristi you aren't a spy are you?

Kristi said...

Shhh - you'll blow my cover!

Kelli said...

Man that boy can hold a lot of information in that noggin of his! What a smart kiddo. And I must say, he isn't looking too unhappy at the end of the video for having a noose around his neck! What a brave man!