Saturday, February 9, 2008

Revolutionary War - Battle at Concord

Well, we're at the Battle of Concord now - we even have special effects. Check out the smoke when the town is set on fire =0) The revolutionists get a bit shaken when they see the size of the Redcoat Army - they kind of look like the Don Knox Movie: Shakiest Gun in the West for a minute - but they recover nicely and send the redcoats a pack'n!!! We revolutionists seem to have caught a cold in the middle of this fighting - so please excuse the red noses and coughing! For those of you who lurk here without commenting - please comment. My kids love it! They are so excited to see if anyone has watched their videos. Sisters & nieces - pay close attention - you want to make sure you pass your test!


Vonda said...

I love the fire and smoke scene. But the mean faces in the end were my favorites. Ha ha! Now I don't think you should test the old ones as our short term memory fades really fast. Can it be open blog? Har!

Kelli said...

They crack me up, I love their mean faces! They are such smart kids, I think I would have enjoyed history a lot more if I got to act out scenes like they do!