Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Revolutionary War - The Midnight Ride

Hey sisters! Ready for another history lesson? Check this out:

They will explain why they have Boston written on their heads down below! We've been doing some fun stuff the past few weeks. We made candles like the colonists did with our friends that we co-op with:

And we made some ink like the colonists did by boiling walnut shells:

Here are the kids cracking the nuts - check out the nutcracker Jordan has - do you recognize her? (Hillary Clinton- Jordan thought that was just too hilarious!)

Did you know that Paul Revere didn't say "The British are coming"? After all, most of the colonists were English or "British", so it wouldn't have made much sense. What he did say was: "The regulars are coming or the redcoats are coming". - This will definitely be on the test!!!! And here are the kids with some more information on Paul Revere and the midnight ride:


Kelli said...

Man I'm learning things every week! I wonder if I ever "learned" any of this before... Well they sure seem to know what they're talking about! I like the picture above with Jordie and the nutcracker, he looks over-joyed! That is pretty funny though!

Vonda said...

I am learning so so much from you guys. Hey to bad Paul isn't still alive because we could have him make Grandma some new teeth. Cool facts I never knew. Also it looks so cool to make the ink and the candles. Watch out for Hilary Jordan.....heh heh!

PhotoChick said...

My husband and I absolutely LOVE that you do these history lessons! He's a HUGE history buff, so he talks all the time about how our kids will know about the past. You give great examples of how to make the lessons fun and memorable!
Oh, and the pic of the nut-cracking Hillary - laughed so hard I almost peed my pants! Oh, so many jokes come to mind...!