Thursday, February 7, 2008

Revolutionary War - The Shot Heard Around the World

Once again, it is time for another history lesson from the Flanagan Revolutionists. Today's lesson is on the Battle of Lexington, featuring Captain Parker, Mr. Harrington and a Brittish Regular with a bad cold =0):


Kelli said...

Ha ha ha I love the mean faces at the end, that was the best part! What funny kids!

Vonda said...

Mr. Harrington died so well on that tiny front porch. Well done Jordie, Addie and little sick Brittish Regular, Lexie. I hope I can pass the test.

Jill said...

I gotta disagree, Kells--I liked how Mr. Harrington died on his little front porch the best!!! And the injured soldier crawl he/she did to get there in order to die was pretty stinkin' funny!