Friday, February 29, 2008

Saratoga Campaign - Benedict Arnold's Plan

Here we are doing an obstacle course with heavy backpacks, getting the idea of why the Brittish Soldiers had a difficult time traveling - they were slow, as slow as 1 mile a day (Americans traveled up to 20 miles a day). But the British were carrying 100 lb packs and having to travel through swampy land and fallen trees that the American colonists had created to slow them down:

The Flanagan Kids history segment today is on the Saratoga Campaign and Benedict Arnold's Plan. You'll have to excuse the quality of the video on this one - I didn't realize my camera wasn't focusing properly. There is still good information and a cute performance from the kids at the end. The Saratoga Campaign involved a plan from the British for a three pronged attack on the American Fort at Albany, New York. Part of this plan involved a segment of the British Army lead by a man named Ledger. Half of his force were Indians. They ambushed a group of our reinforcements, but we had another reinforcement coming lead by Benedict Arnold. He new he was outnumbers 2:1 so he came up with a scheme to get the Indians to leave the British. It involved a half crazy loyalist who was a prisoner of the Americans. Benedict made a deal with him that if he went to the Indians and told him a great American force was coming, the loyalist could go free. Indians were very superstitious of crazy people. So, please ignore the fuzziness and watch cute performance by the kiddos!


Kelli said...

Oooo more homeschool torture! How fun! And very good performance! Crazy Loyalist Lexie and Scared Indian Addie were very dramatic, and Benedict Jordan seems very proud of his fantastic deal!

PhotoChick said...

Gosh I love these lessons! My husband is in the midst of teaching me all 43 presidents and he'll often go on tangents about the beginnings of our country.
I never thought that a subject I dreaded in school would become so interesting to me now as an adult!
Thank you for including us on the wonderful lessons! Love to you guys and God Bless!!!

Egghead said...

That was one of the meanest and scariest faces I have ever seen Lexie, or Crazy Loyalist. You scared the Addie Indian right out of the picture. Benedict Jordan, er Arnold I mean was a down right smart man. Interesting facts I have learned, especially about Benedict Arnold. I assumed he was a bad guy always...your teacher mom told me a fact or two on the phone. I bet you didn't think an old 50 year old aunt could learn so much did you?