Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sunny Saturday Adventures

Saturday when Barb and Rick brought Joey and Kallista to see the rabbit it turned out to be beautiful and sunny. One of the first things that has to happen is a visit to the chickens to see if any eggs are laid. The hens have been a little lazy lately so even though one was on the nest there was nary an egg. But the chickens enjoyed the sun while free ranging.

I love to look at the hens while they are outside roaming about. Now if I could just train them not to poop wherever they feel like it.

Next we had to have a story from Grandma Barb. Isn't Kallista a doll?

Even Joey got in on the story. What a handsome young man.

Kallista looking at the rabbit very seriously.

Yep, Dave and Rick chewing the fat and solving most of the world's problems.

Notice how Kallista just couldn't stop looking at that rabbit. Barb has about the cutest grandchildren (next to mine of course). Joey and Kallista.

I gave Joe my old digital camera. Here he is intently taking photos. He is a very quick study.

This is a close up of the er, umm expired frog. I still think Grandma Barb should have let us preserve him for Joe.

O.K. One last time to dig in the Joey goes to check it out. Of course this was when Barb and Rick were trying to leave.


Kelli said...

Ha ha I like that last picture of Joey running off and neither of them look ready to go, unfortunately for Barb and Rick! Cute pictures of them both though.

Jill said...

They are really stinkin' cute little kids! But it's almost bizarre how Kallie looks just like Kamisha and Joey just like Jason...almost like little clones...good lord I'm jealous, this next one better look SOMETHING like me!