Friday, February 8, 2008

Who Me?

Did you ever open the newspaper and find something like this? Normally I don't but every once in a while I will go to read the continuation of some article and find it chopped up or removed completely. This seemed to be the horoscope section cut out. I have a pet peeve about Dave taking the newspaper to work with him every day and then he brings it home and reads it the entire evening as well. So by the time I get to read it the day is gone and sometimes it is the next day. I wondered if Kelli had cut this out for some strange reason but couldn't imagine that any horoscope was all that important. I do look at the horoscope but I don't really care one way or the other if I miss it. However, I. Hate. Holes. In. My. Paper.

So Dave is casually hogging reading the paper when I walk through the room. See how innocent he looks when asked who cut the hole in the paper? "Who me?" he says in mock surprise after my accusations begin to flow.

Yeah you turkey trot.
Turns out he gave away the horoscope to some desperate woman at work because she needed it for a birthday gift for a friend. Well it is a cheap cost effective gift I guess. Hope the horoscope prediction was at least a good one.


Jill said...

He looks so incredibly innocent...oh mom, I'm sure you've got the wrong culprit.