Monday, March 10, 2008

The Battle at Monmouth, Molly Pitcher and a Little Daniel Morgan

Well sisters, it has been a few days since I've posted. The kids had a full week (5 full days) of art education with a well-known local artist - Terri Axness. They learned art history, artists, art appreciation as well as 3-4 different mediums. It was a great week but we didn't get much history done! So we are back at it. The lesson we have for you today is about the battle of Monmouth and Molly Pitcher. We also have a funny picture I forgot to post earlier when we were doing the Saratoga Campaign. Daniel Morgan was very instrumental in the battle at Freeman's Farm. He was a frontiersman that was a sharp shooter with a rifle. He and his frontier buddies hid in the trees at Freeman Farm and aimed at the British Officers' epauletts. Here is a picture of Daniel Morgan doing just that (check out the fancy epaulettes and the terrified British officers):

Here is your lesson on the battle at Monmouth and Molly Pitcher:


Jill said...

Yeah, so I like, TOTALLY knew all that stuff. Totally. Um, yeah, I sure did. So, yeah. Those little turkeys need to come teach me some serious history lessons. I'm still not sure I'd retain it, but they could at least try... :) he he Smart little stinks!!! Love you all!

Vonda said...

Oh Molly Pitcher how I loved watching your skirts be blown off...umm you were so brave to take over for your husband. Speaking of which Jordan, you were so great at being wounded. Makes me just want to pour that pitcher of water on you for pain relief. Cracks me up Lexie the wounded soldier with those HUGE shoulders. Good one. Oh and that picture was hilarious...their faces crack me up.

Kelli said...

I love the picture, they are so good at looking terrified! The art classes sound fun too! And I really like Molly's outfit in the video, especially her hat! Good thing she was wearing shorts under that skirt! :) Great video guys!