Friday, March 14, 2008

Getting On Track

I want there to be a little less of me around and I know most people want the same thing.  You know, clean up your diet which will slim you down, take care of high blood pressure, cholesterol and dirty looks from your doctor when you come in whining  "my back hurts".  I was having a little talk with family members about this and someone (I can't name names here because I will get more than dirty looks) said "yes I need to get on track with this watching what I eat".  Another no named person said "I hate track".  

Well I hate tracks as  know, diets, exercise, no cussing, getting out of bed, cleaning house, mucking chicken houses, wiping snotty noses and all that stuff.  It would just be bliss if I could just say when asked to lift the broken washing machine into the back of our truck for repair, "Sorry, I don't like this track.  It might damage my nails".   

Ponder, ponder, ponder.  I wonder what my doctor will say when his evil, glinty little eye stares me down this month when I tell him I don't wanna be on his diet and exercise track.  


Jill said...

I love love love reading your goofy blogs, they are the highlight of my days! I always count on you to make me laugh and laugh!

I hate "track", too, which is why I get knocked up. Then I can pretend I have an excuse to sit on my butt and order people around, it's great! So if you want to try my technique, I'd love another sibling... he he he! Love you!

Kristi said...

I have no trouble getting on the track - I just have trouble letting go of the cookie while I'm going around the track!

The Dairy Wife said...

I hate the track too! But my butt is getting fat and I need the track.

I need to track what I eat, track what I drink, and track how much I sit and just get on track ... whew! That made me tired!


Loretta said...

Track? track? whats that? I only know the track that a car runs on and believe you me I don't intend to do anything but sit on my tired, fat duff and watch. Now thats what I call "on track."