Monday, March 31, 2008

A Little Snacky

Good morning sisters!

I am attempting to become a little healthier by choking the fat content out of my food intake as well as portion control. I tell myself that the portion control must mean as long as it fits on my plate it is well under control. My doctor says to use small plates and it will fool my brain but he doesn't realize that the smallest plate I own is a large turkey size platter and if he thinks my brain is a fool, he doesn't know what measures my brain might take to get around logical thinking.

So yesterday I decided to make the Pioneer Woman's Pico De Gallo for a healthy snack because it has absolutely zero fat content. Oh but then came the dilemma of what to scoop with....I couldn't use tortilla chips....too much fat. I could eat it by the spoonful, but no....just not the same as that crunchy goodness of a chip.

Here is the results of the Pico de Gallo. You must try this is the best. We like it a little hot so we leave about half the seeds from the jalapenos in the mix but you can make it mild by scraping out all of the membranes and the seeds.

We had these low fat baked wheat thins for a snack so we decided to try this. It was surprisingly good...a little sweetness mixed with the spiciness of the pico de gallo AND you could have 19 crackers for only four grams of fat. YOWZA! EUREKA! I was so happy.

This still felt like I was doing something very bad but I stuck to my 19 crackers. Try this is so good.


Kristi said...

I've tried this recipe sis - very good!!!! YUM - but I can't resist the chips with it. I've tried it on salad - not bad either. It is even better with sour cream, cheese, etc though!!!!

I'm starting today on eating better after a trip to Pat's dad's house. Pig, pig, pig out! Now, I've really got to lose some weight - I'm grossing myself out!!!! I'm good with the exercise but I also do too much exercising my hand to my mouth with food in it!!!!

Let me know your secrets. I'm just trying to eat lots of fruits, vegies and lugumes. We'll see how long I can last!

Kelli said...

Mmm, I really DO love this recipe, and those crackers were perfect with it! It really surprised me actually, but it was great!

carrie & troy keiser said...

That looks yummy!