Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Things Heard Today

So I took my mother-in-law to have cataract surgery this morning where face it, most people are elderly in this office. Not all, but the majority. So because I love old people, whom I am fast joining the ranks of, I really enjoyed listening to all of the stories and visiting. Here are a few things I heard.

The following is from the this cute little old lady and her husband who were waiting for him to have cataract surgery. She had hers done last year and can now see better than ever.

She:"Damn it, Joe now you will be able to see the dust again"
He: "Haven't you been dusting all this time?"
She: "Nope, and it is a woman's prerogative"
He: "What?"
She: "Never mind. It's a big word"

She: "My kitty woke me up at 4:30 this morning"
Me: "Wow, that is early"
She: "Yep, she wanted a glass of water"
Me: "A glass?"
She: "Yep, she drinks from a glass. Puts her little paws on the table and drinks from a glass. But she won't drink until she makes sure I sit down and drink my coffee with her"

She: "My great granddaughter is three years old and she took me out on the porch to have a private conversation the other day. She told me that she was a little chubby but that when she grows up that she will have great big boobs because all of that chub will move up."
Me: Laughing...."I am still waiting for my chub to move up. "
Another old guy: "Yep she will know when her belly button is up here" (pointing to his collar bone).

This was from another couple and she was going to have one eye operated on. She was already blind in the other.

She: "They won't let me drive. I love to drive my sporty Beemer and yes I like to drive fast."
He: "Thank God you are going blind"
She: Smacks him on the arm "Well I want to drive"
He: "I said nope and they (the Drs.) will back me up on that"
She: "Oh hush"
He: "Watch it or I'll come smack you from your blind side"

Oh how funny and open they are. Nothing to lose and a lot to say.


Jill said...

This had me in tears! You always hear the funniest stuff and always have the funniest stories!!! I love them! Love you!

Kelli said...

Haha, I love old people, they're so hilarious! I agree, they are so fun to listen to. They always have the greatest stories to tell.

carrie & troy keiser said...

Love those conversations! Good on you for jotting them down and sharing with us! :D

The Dairy Wife said...

OH that is so cute!