Saturday, March 1, 2008

Valley Forge - Fire Cakes and Hasty Pudding

Washington and his men wintered at Valley Forge after their battles in Brandywine and Germantown. There were harsh conditions at winter camp. We had a first hand experience at their main food sources. We made hasty pudding (cornmeal and water). Here is Lexie cooking some up - we didn't have a campfire so we used the stove - much more convenient:

The soldiers also had fire cakes - that is flour and water made on a rock and put by the fire. Here are the kiddos making the fire cakes:
Here is how they turned out - we tried to authenticate the fire by using the broiler. It worked well - burnt on the outside and doughy in the middle - just like they would have had to eat them:
And here is some funny reactions to how fire cake and hasty pudding tastes:
And another:

So, here are three soldiers freezing by the campfire and telling you a little more about wintering at Valley Forge:


Kelli said...

Such lovely first hand experience with the food tasting! I can tell in the pictures that they did NOT like the food, and they made sure to let us know in the video that it wasn't good also! Great video and good job making the hasty pudding and fire cakes!

Egghead said...

Well that hasty pudding and fire cakes looks like my cooking. The names make it sound so yummy but I can see that it was not your momma's home cooking. I also like the rags for shoes. I think that is what we wore to school kids....I am very old remember. Actually Jordan is that what your socks look like? You know, the ones that your mom had to fix so you would stop wearing them? ha ha ha! Good job kiddos. You make three very good rag tag soldiers.

Jill said...

I really like those fancy socks your kids are wearing, Aunt Krissie--did they make them themselves? And if so, do you think they'd be willing to make me some? To protect my calluses, and all... :) Very cute video, loved the pictures as too! I really like the food-tasting pictures. But, well, you know, I'd eat just about anything at this point, so even the fire cakes look pretty tasty to me! :) he he!

Anonymous said...

Sooo, Where are the recipes!?!?