Monday, April 28, 2008

Whatcha Bin Up To Sisters?

Me? Well aside from a new baby grandson and taking a week off to watch Byron while mommy had a few days to bond with baby, I have a really big spring fever going on here. I just keep looking at the flowers and wanting to fill my planters and raised beds but am just a tad leery because of all the strange weather going on lately. So May will be my time to begin planting a few things....I can't wait!

I have been slowly (and I do mean slowly) getting the weeds cleaned up that all of a sudden just took over everything. I have two large beds ready for planting and have been trying to think about what to plant that is deer resistant. The boogers eat everything. I am thinking rosemary, heavenly bamboo and a few other things that I know they leave alone under the bedroom windows where I have a huge place to fill in. Right now it only has a couple of hydrangeas which I have to constantly guard from the deer. I would like to fill in with iris, peonies and some other smaller plants that come back each year. Dave trimmed up the two trees and now it has quite a bit more sunlight so things should do well there.

Charo brought her brother and his girlfriend to visit a week or so ago. They are here from Spain to spend a few weeks and her mother sent me this beautiful hand stitched table runner. You should see her hand stitching. It looks so pretty and I don't know the type of stitch it is but it is really unusual. I can't even see a knot in this where she tied anything off.

A little bit closer view of the stitching. The hem is interesting as well because she pulled a few threads for another type of design at the border.

I also had a return visitor from Argentina. His name is Sebastian and he is quite the character...somewhat like dad was with his teasing and mannerisms. He has two little boys and a really sweet wife that I met the first time he was here. He brought me this hand made rosary and some music. The rosary is made from a type of canvas. I have not had a chance to listen to the music but I look forward to a little time to do that.

O.K. See this evil, devil-made, blue ball that Jill has left as a huge hint to me to exercise. It looks so sweet, innocent and inviting just sitting there on the family room floor. But don't let it fool you. It is the devil! I made the mistake of not putting my tennis shoes on to use it for those dreaded abdominal exercises and my stocking feet slipped and my bum flew over my head and I lay sprawled on the floor this morning just looking at the ceiling. Why do I have to wear my shoes? Dang it.

Here is what I continue to look at each and every time I am on that devil ball. I am beginning to think I like the wood up there better than the wood on the floor. Nice color and a balance beam to practice on...that is if I were a gymnast.

So what are you ladies doing lately?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baseball Season

Hey sisters and nieces! Just wanted to share pictures of our "baseball team":

Jordan - first year in the "Majors", playing for the Mariners:

Addie, first year in "Farm Ball", playing for the "Wild Hairs":

Lexie, first year in "T-Ball", playing for "Sorbenots". Lexie is having the most fun. She has been waiting so long to play - a whole 5 years watching her brother play! She says: "Mom, I gotta go, my coach needs me!" She does the whole - leading off the base thing, as well as putting her mitt to the ground with her legs spread out, ready for the play. And oh - you should see her slide! We should be calling her "pig pen" by the end of the game - she is really into it!!!

We're trying to fit it all in with 3 in baseball - it has literally been baseball 5-6 nights/days a week! A little too crazy to fit in with everything else we do in a day! Of course, with Eastern Oregon Weather, it snowed on us at Jordan's game last night and we've been sitting on the bleachers in 30 degree weather. I know your jealous!

We're still homeschooling - geology is the main focus right now. We're busy classifying rocks, and doing lots of fun experiments. Yesterday we were learning about conglomerate rocks by making two different kinds of rock-cookies. One with the rocks (chocolate chips) and other ingredients not being heated and the the other recipe with the same ingredients being heated. We did this to determine why you can see individual minerals in some types of rocks and not others. Heat does amazing things! By the way, the rocks tasted awesome!

Miss you and love you all. Squeeze the new baby for us - we are all dying to see him in person!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Family Member

Good morning sisters! Jill gave birth at 2:53 pm yesterday after almost nine hours of labor. She did great and is resting in the hospital.

Here is Ayden Wade moments after birth who weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs. 14 oz. and is 22 1/2 inches long. Another big boy. And all this at a week and a half early.

Look at that chunky thigh going on.

Byron giving his new little brother a love.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Birthdays and Memory

I tried to write this last week on the 17th but for some reason just could not get it done. Every year on this date I wake up and think of my father. I see his twinkling eyes and again say a prayer of thanks for how very lucky we were to have had him for our dad.

I try but can't imagine him being 82. He will forever be 64 and the arrow in my heart stings a bit on this day but I also remember his humor and laughter. A trickster he was.

BUT there is another reason to celebrate this day. Barb's son, Jason, turned 36 as well. He is my parents first born grandchild. What a great gift! I think he has his grandfathers eyes, don't you sisters?

Happy birthday Jason. We love you.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I don't know if you feel it but we are beginning to big time. Feel what?

The pinch. The squeeze. The strangulation.

I mean the cost of living right now.  Everything from food, services and gas have been steadily increasing and our means are certainly not increasing at the same pace.  In fact with all the budgetary problems of government offices, of which we both work, I should be and am grateful for a job.  But that does not mean that I  am not turning a little black and blue in places from the abuse.

Today is tax day and yes we owe.  Dang that Uncle Sam.  That is all I have to say about that.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's A Beautiful Day!

Well, well - I finally decided to drag my body to the internet page and begin to live again. I have been catching up on all the wonderful blogs and thought I would log on and say hi! I have to relay what happened earlier this week with my sweet little daughter. I was in the house and the Jack Russell Terrorists were barking to go outside, where Schelly was playing. So I go to the door just in time for Schelly to say "don't let them out" - unfortunately the deed was already done. Whence a wail of sobbing and flood of tears poured from Schellys face. I looked past her momentarily as a brown item in the middle of the sidewalk caught my eyes. Upon further view I recognized my kitchen salt shaker on the side walk. All the while Schelly is sobbing. I put my arms around her and said "honey, what's wrong and why is my salt shaker on the sidewalk?" She looked up at me with tear filled eyes and said "Now I'll never be able to do it, you've ruined it." I asked "ruined what?" She then said, "I've been trying to catch a bird and now the dogs have scared them off. I was trying to put salt on their tails so I could catch them. Daddy told me if I could put salt on their tails, I could catch them." Now I tell you, I don't believe I have ever had a harder time not bursting into fits of laughter than this time. I gathered my inner strength and sat her down and explained that I believed daddy was teasing her and that salt would not make it possible for her to catch the bird. She then wailed, daddy was lying to me? Suddenly her daddy drove in from work and he was bombarded with her statement "you told me I could catch a bird if I could put salt on their tails and you lied to me. He could not hide the smiles and informed both of us that if you could get close enough to put salt on a birds tail then you would be close enough to catch it. I guess he had a point. Anyway I wish I would have had a video of this event. It was just too precious to pass up. I am so glad the sun is shinning today as I really needed a good dose of sun. It is great to read about all my beloved sisters and neices adventures. I miss you all and love you all very much.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Years ago when I first began working at the University we hired a woman from a temp service to help out until we could hire a new employee.  I will never forget the day that she walked in to the office. Her name  was Sylvia Baker and she was probably in her mid to late sixties, a slight built lady with short white hair.  What I distinctly recall was her upbeat and smiling personality.  She was one of those people that everyone loves to be around because she could always make you smile no matter what your day was like.  

Yes, she was a devout Christian.  I do not remember her denomination and it really does not matter anyway.   The point is that she never really preached anything at all.  She just simply was.  By this I mean she lived her love for Christ in her personality, kindness and brilliant smile.  Today I think of her often and try to remember one thing that she taught me.  No matter what has happened in your life or will happen in the future there is only one today.  She told me once that the only way to honor your life is to wake up with a smile and give thanks for the glorious day you have been blessed with.  

This world needs more Sylvia Bakers. 

Thursday, April 3, 2008

We the People

Well, we finished up the revolutiony war. By the way, we won if you didn't know!!! Now, we are on to the founding fathers and the constitution. The kids have been doing a great job of learning about the constitution - and to think I didn't learn this stuff until my senior year in high school! I think we some times limit our kids - they learn things so easily! Here is a little performance for you about the Preamble of the Constitution:


While Kelli was in Baltimore visiting Brian they hopped on over to Philadelphia for some site seeing.  One place they went to was the Philadelphia Museum of Art where Brian BriRocky felt the need to recreate the scene from Rocky where he is running up the steps.  I guess they call them the "Rocky Steps".  A  statue of Rocky was commissioned by Sylvester Stallone for the movie which is in a grassy area near the foot of the steps.

So to all of his wonderful aunts BriRocky wants you to have this viewing pleasure....ha ha!

Spring and Getting Crafty

O.k., I couldn't resist. After seeing those cute cards that Vonda posted made by Jilly's friend (Lemon Drop Studios), I had to share something I recently did. Its funny, but doing something artsy fartsy awakens part of me. I know that sounds really touchy feely, but its true!!! It gets my creative juices flowing!!! This is a pillow I finally finished up for spring that I started a long time ago and it went in my um - started projects pile (mountain). I know I should finish a project before I start another but I can't help it. I start one, then homeschooling, working, sports, and life get in the way - before I know it, a season (or two) has passed and I can't possibly be doing a spring project when Christmas is coming!!!!! You have sympathy right? So anyway, here is the pillow. The bunnies are colored with crayon which is set into the fabric with an iron - very fun and easy!!!! First grade art!

So it was my mother-in-laws birthday and those fun cards got me excited. I actually used one of the many stamps I purchased and made her a card. Not nearly as cute as Lemon Drop Studios, but it was fun to make!

Wow, I have really got into the crafty mode, because I made her a cake too, thanks to a recipe from Culinary Concoctions. It was so yummy! There are some great recipes on her blog.

O.k. sisters, what have you been doing with your creative juices? I know you are all very crafty - so you need to share - inspire me!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I just love getting something fun in my mailbox. Last night when I looked in our mailbox I found this cute little package.

A friend of Jill's has a card making business called Lemon Drop Studios and I ordered six cards from her. I think these are the cutest things and they are so much cuter than the photos show.

You must check out her site and give her a little business.

She was very quick and the cards arrived in such a cute little package.

I told her what I wanted on the outside (words only) and had her just use her great talent.

I love this one.....I don't know if I can give it to anyone.

Or this one either. I think I need to send it to myself. I am stingy like that....get it.....thinking of you, er, me.

And yes I know I said six cards and am only showing five. Well one is for Jill and the new baby so I don't want to spoil the fun for her too soon.

Thank you Shauna!