Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baseball Season

Hey sisters and nieces! Just wanted to share pictures of our "baseball team":

Jordan - first year in the "Majors", playing for the Mariners:

Addie, first year in "Farm Ball", playing for the "Wild Hairs":

Lexie, first year in "T-Ball", playing for "Sorbenots". Lexie is having the most fun. She has been waiting so long to play - a whole 5 years watching her brother play! She says: "Mom, I gotta go, my coach needs me!" She does the whole - leading off the base thing, as well as putting her mitt to the ground with her legs spread out, ready for the play. And oh - you should see her slide! We should be calling her "pig pen" by the end of the game - she is really into it!!!

We're trying to fit it all in with 3 in baseball - it has literally been baseball 5-6 nights/days a week! A little too crazy to fit in with everything else we do in a day! Of course, with Eastern Oregon Weather, it snowed on us at Jordan's game last night and we've been sitting on the bleachers in 30 degree weather. I know your jealous!

We're still homeschooling - geology is the main focus right now. We're busy classifying rocks, and doing lots of fun experiments. Yesterday we were learning about conglomerate rocks by making two different kinds of rock-cookies. One with the rocks (chocolate chips) and other ingredients not being heated and the the other recipe with the same ingredients being heated. We did this to determine why you can see individual minerals in some types of rocks and not others. Heat does amazing things! By the way, the rocks tasted awesome!

Miss you and love you all. Squeeze the new baby for us - we are all dying to see him in person!


Kelli said...

How fun! It sounds like you guys will be quite busy for the next couple of months, but I'm sure when the weather warms up it will be lots of fun. I'm glad Lexie finally gets to play, they all look great in their baseball attire!

Vonda said...

They all look so very professional. I wish we were there to see some of the games...I really love watching the kids play baseball. I just don't like the pros because there is never much action. The kids are so fun though. I love that Lexie is so in to this. She is so spunky. Give the kiddos a squeeze for me and tell Jordan that the lizards are here even in the cold weather. Weird!