Monday, April 21, 2008

Birthdays and Memory

I tried to write this last week on the 17th but for some reason just could not get it done. Every year on this date I wake up and think of my father. I see his twinkling eyes and again say a prayer of thanks for how very lucky we were to have had him for our dad.

I try but can't imagine him being 82. He will forever be 64 and the arrow in my heart stings a bit on this day but I also remember his humor and laughter. A trickster he was.

BUT there is another reason to celebrate this day. Barb's son, Jason, turned 36 as well. He is my parents first born grandchild. What a great gift! I think he has his grandfathers eyes, don't you sisters?

Happy birthday Jason. We love you.


Jill said...

Happy Birthday to Jason and Grandpa! How strange that I've never noticed how similar he looks to Grandpa! :)

Kristi said...

I thought of these two all day long on the 17th - both very sweet spirited men. I love and miss you dad. I see you every day in my youngest Lexie. The honery twinkle in her eye - I know you're laughing when you see her antics. I see you in the compasssion of my son Jordan and I see your exhuberance for life in my daughter Addie. Thank you for the wonderful example you were to all of us. Jason, your an awesome man, I'm glad to know you - a gift to all those that are blessed to be touched by your life.

Kelli said...

Happy birthday Grandpa and Jason! It is really awesome to see that they do have similarities. I think it is great that they share a birthday as well.

Loretta said...

Happy birthday dad. Happy birthday Jason. I can see our dad in your eyes and smile and am so proud of you. You are a kind and gentle young man with a heart to be admired. I miss my dad every day of my life but know he is laughing in heaven with my beautiful sons and daughter. I love you all.
Jason - continue to be the wonderful young man you have grown into. We all love you!