Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring and Getting Crafty

O.k., I couldn't resist. After seeing those cute cards that Vonda posted made by Jilly's friend (Lemon Drop Studios), I had to share something I recently did. Its funny, but doing something artsy fartsy awakens part of me. I know that sounds really touchy feely, but its true!!! It gets my creative juices flowing!!! This is a pillow I finally finished up for spring that I started a long time ago and it went in my um - started projects pile (mountain). I know I should finish a project before I start another but I can't help it. I start one, then homeschooling, working, sports, and life get in the way - before I know it, a season (or two) has passed and I can't possibly be doing a spring project when Christmas is coming!!!!! You have sympathy right? So anyway, here is the pillow. The bunnies are colored with crayon which is set into the fabric with an iron - very fun and easy!!!! First grade art!

So it was my mother-in-laws birthday and those fun cards got me excited. I actually used one of the many stamps I purchased and made her a card. Not nearly as cute as Lemon Drop Studios, but it was fun to make!

Wow, I have really got into the crafty mode, because I made her a cake too, thanks to a recipe from Culinary Concoctions. It was so yummy! There are some great recipes on her blog.

O.k. sisters, what have you been doing with your creative juices? I know you are all very crafty - so you need to share - inspire me!!!


Egghead said...

I just love those cards....the stamps are so unique! Is that one big card or four smaller ones? I want that pillow. How cute is that and so springy looking. Makes me want to go home and just craft all day. I will have to try the cake. It looks so good. Actually I better not.

Jill said...

Aunt Krissie, you are the epitome of craftiness! I love Christmas time at mom and dad's house because so many of the decorations are made by you! And they're all fancy and cute and fun! I love the pillow--what a cool idea! And your card is cool too! And the cake, of course! Isn't it funny that once you start something crafty, it becomes an addiction?! I'm at that point right now with a couple different projects!!! :)

Kelli said...

That pillow is such an awesome idea to have the kids be a part of it! It turned out so cute too! And that card looks really neat, and the cake looks delicious!!! You are so very crafty! I need to start some kind of craft, its so much fun :)