Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Years ago when I first began working at the University we hired a woman from a temp service to help out until we could hire a new employee.  I will never forget the day that she walked in to the office. Her name  was Sylvia Baker and she was probably in her mid to late sixties, a slight built lady with short white hair.  What I distinctly recall was her upbeat and smiling personality.  She was one of those people that everyone loves to be around because she could always make you smile no matter what your day was like.  

Yes, she was a devout Christian.  I do not remember her denomination and it really does not matter anyway.   The point is that she never really preached anything at all.  She just simply was.  By this I mean she lived her love for Christ in her personality, kindness and brilliant smile.  Today I think of her often and try to remember one thing that she taught me.  No matter what has happened in your life or will happen in the future there is only one today.  She told me once that the only way to honor your life is to wake up with a smile and give thanks for the glorious day you have been blessed with.  

This world needs more Sylvia Bakers. 


Kelli said...

Wow, she sounds like she was a neat lady. If only we had more people like Sylvia around, of course it would be good if we could all try to be more like her also.

Jill said...

No kidding! I wish I were more like Sylvia. There are other people I've met/been friends with that were like her, and I always wished I could be like them, too!

Loretta said...

Maybe her family would consider adopting me. I could use a bit of her (actually the total package would be nice). Anyway, what a beautiful blessing this world was lent!