Thursday, April 3, 2008

We the People

Well, we finished up the revolutiony war. By the way, we won if you didn't know!!! Now, we are on to the founding fathers and the constitution. The kids have been doing a great job of learning about the constitution - and to think I didn't learn this stuff until my senior year in high school! I think we some times limit our kids - they learn things so easily! Here is a little performance for you about the Preamble of the Constitution:


Kelli said...

Such lovely entertainment! This was a very cute video, great jobs guys!

Vonda said...

I tried twice to leave a message but dumb blogger wouldn't post it. OK here goes again. Great singing performance guys! I especially loved it when Lexie really got Jordan in the fight portion the song. Cute and a fun way to learn and remember the preamble.

Loretta said...

You all did a wonderful job. I am so proud of you! Looks like mom is a great teacher as well. Keep up the good work guys. We love and miss you all.

Aunt Loretta