Monday, April 28, 2008

Whatcha Bin Up To Sisters?

Me? Well aside from a new baby grandson and taking a week off to watch Byron while mommy had a few days to bond with baby, I have a really big spring fever going on here. I just keep looking at the flowers and wanting to fill my planters and raised beds but am just a tad leery because of all the strange weather going on lately. So May will be my time to begin planting a few things....I can't wait!

I have been slowly (and I do mean slowly) getting the weeds cleaned up that all of a sudden just took over everything. I have two large beds ready for planting and have been trying to think about what to plant that is deer resistant. The boogers eat everything. I am thinking rosemary, heavenly bamboo and a few other things that I know they leave alone under the bedroom windows where I have a huge place to fill in. Right now it only has a couple of hydrangeas which I have to constantly guard from the deer. I would like to fill in with iris, peonies and some other smaller plants that come back each year. Dave trimmed up the two trees and now it has quite a bit more sunlight so things should do well there.

Charo brought her brother and his girlfriend to visit a week or so ago. They are here from Spain to spend a few weeks and her mother sent me this beautiful hand stitched table runner. You should see her hand stitching. It looks so pretty and I don't know the type of stitch it is but it is really unusual. I can't even see a knot in this where she tied anything off.

A little bit closer view of the stitching. The hem is interesting as well because she pulled a few threads for another type of design at the border.

I also had a return visitor from Argentina. His name is Sebastian and he is quite the character...somewhat like dad was with his teasing and mannerisms. He has two little boys and a really sweet wife that I met the first time he was here. He brought me this hand made rosary and some music. The rosary is made from a type of canvas. I have not had a chance to listen to the music but I look forward to a little time to do that.

O.K. See this evil, devil-made, blue ball that Jill has left as a huge hint to me to exercise. It looks so sweet, innocent and inviting just sitting there on the family room floor. But don't let it fool you. It is the devil! I made the mistake of not putting my tennis shoes on to use it for those dreaded abdominal exercises and my stocking feet slipped and my bum flew over my head and I lay sprawled on the floor this morning just looking at the ceiling. Why do I have to wear my shoes? Dang it.

Here is what I continue to look at each and every time I am on that devil ball. I am beginning to think I like the wood up there better than the wood on the floor. Nice color and a balance beam to practice on...that is if I were a gymnast.

So what are you ladies doing lately?


Kristi said...

Hey sis - very pretty table runner. I believe it looks like hardanger from the picture. Its a fun type of stitchery were you stitch and then cut certain threads. I'll have to show you something I did sometime.

I love the comments on the exercise ball. I have one also - my kids love to run and take a flying leap on their stomachs onto it (and over it). I dare you to try it - let me know how you come out!

Actually they are very good exercise - let me know if you want some more exercises to do on it!!!!

I can't wait to meet my new great nephew!

Love you


Jill said...

Mom you are hilarious!!! :) Byron saw the picture of the table runner and recognized it instantly--"Mamas! Mamas!" I think he has every inch of Grandma and Grandad's house memorized!

Jill said...

p.s. you should try to find one of the REALLY big exercise balls like Wade has--it's SSOOOOO much more comfortable, and you don't feel like you're going to fall over as much!!! But I agree, it's evil!

Kelli said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I didn't get why the last picture was upside down for a minute, very funny!