Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Weighty Issues and Conversations

Barb and I are trying to get in a walk as often as we can for exercise. A few years back we were walking each day after work and it helped to keep us accountable. While walking we discuss many things but sometimes the topic just keeps coming back to our aging bodies and weight issues.

I talked with Loretta the other day by phone and told her that I needed to go walk with Barb because if I didn't my cheeks would continue to flap in the not passing gas (or as I tell Dave "a fluff") but literally I don't want everyone else to feel the earth move. Barb called to see if I wanted to walk today and we discussed the weekend and she told me she really fell off the wagon on Sunday with the family BBQ. I began to agree that I also had fell off the wagon but then I realized I never was on the wagon. The best that had happened with regard to the food issue is I may have had one leg on the wagon....the rest was dragging behind. And I mean BEHIND.

P.S. I found a trick I am going to try for weighing. This picture says it all. Dang! Have we been weighing ourselves wrong all of this time?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Something Really Funny

OK - so here goes - I shared this earlier with Vonda and thought it was so funny I couldn't help but share with my beautiful nieces. Hope you can open this - let me know what you think - if you can stop laughing long enough.

Oh Where, Oh Where

Oh where, oh where has our other sister gone? Oh where, oh where can she be? With her great sense of humor and her gardening abilities, Oh where, oh where can she be? Now that I've got that out of my system, I was just wondering where our other sister (you know, the one with that little blond, blue eyed grand baby) has gone. I thought I was bad about blogging but I don't even see any responses to any of our antics. She is the only one left who has not followed through with the "tag - you're it" part of our blog. Well, now I feel better. I have properly chastised our other sibling and can move on with the rest of the story. That beautiful new baby boy is spectacular! I can't wait to get my hands on him and spoil him rotten. Jilly Bean - you sure do have beautiful baby boys. But that's no surprise. I have a little something for you but have not gotten my lazy self to the post office yet. Sorry honey, hopefully it will be before he graduates high school (or with my luck, maybe even college). I am desperately trying to watch what I eat - having spoken to Vonda - I have the "get with it bug." Damn thing flew out the window a little earlier this evening though. You should have seen me out in the back yard running around trying to catch him with my imaginary net. The neighbors were peeking out from behind their curtains and I thought I heard one of them say "There she goes again, that crazy lady next door." I keep forgetting that I am no longer in eastern Oregon where all the country bumpkins act the same so no one thinks my antics are out of the ordinary. Oh well, there is always tomorrow. I did walk approximately 4 miles though (or maybe I should restate that - walked, crawled, grovelled, gnashed and gnawed) today so I hope that will help offset all else. I could definitely tell how out of shape I was because after I got home I sat in the chair looking at all the things I needed to do and that was it -- I just sat there and looked. Well anyway, someone once told me "it's the thought that counts." I think it was mom. I'll just see how much the thought weighs in the am. Well on to the next great adventure --moving from the chair to the bed--. Love to you all!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weekend Fun

Saturday after cleaning house most of the day this is what I got to do.

Isn't he just a little  doll?  Jill brought the boys out to visit and so I actually got out of digging in the dirt for a day.  It was so hot outside that I was happy to be inside being Grandma.

But then Sunday came.  Here is how I spent my hot, hot day.  I dug rock solid dirt down about ten inches out of this flower bed.  Nothing had been done for years and years because it was so hard.  I actually had to take a pick axe to part of it closest to the house.  Then came wheel barrow after wheel barrow of dirt to be hauled away.  I thought it would never end. 

Now the base is dug down and this next weekend I will be putting in good soil and amendments.  We (and I say this loosely) will be replacing the borders and haven't quite decided what to use yet.  Wood just rots but stone is so expensive.  But in the mean time I will be planting the flowers and trimming back the rose bushes that are already there.  Oh my aching back.

This is the bouquet that Dave gave me for mothers day.  It is still continuing to open with another new color each day.  Beautiful!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tag Followup

OK here goes (don't say I didn't warn you):

Four things you might/might not want to know about me:

1. I love the sound of the ocean but it does scare me a bit at times.
2. I love my children and family more than life itself.
3. It gives me so much pleasure to walk along a dirt road early in the morning and listen to the birds sing and smell the fresh air as I watch the sun come up.
4. If I had to choose my best friends in life it would be my sisters equivocally.

Four jobs I have held:
1. Executive Assistant to the President of the hospital
2. Bookkeeper
3. Legal Secretary
4. Travel Coordinator for the US Forest Service

Four movies I could watch over again:
1. Napoleon Dynamite
2. Mr. and Mrs. Smith
3. Chronicles of Narnia
4. Finding Nemo

Four places I've lived:
1. Durkee, Oregon
2. Baker City, Oregon
3. Boise, Idaho
4. Warrenton, Oregon

Four TV shows I like:
1. American Idol
2. Nanny
3. Deal or no Deal
4. And last but not least - Medium

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Watermelon
2. Halibut
3. Shrimp
4. Clams

Where I would rather be right now:
Where there are no worries.

Now you have it - it's the rest of you's turn!!! Don't you just love my use of the English language?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tagged - Things you probably never wanted to know about me!

OK - sister Vonda - you've tagged me so remember, you asked for it:

Four Things You Might/Might Not Want To Know About Me!

1. I have hairy toes and crooked fingers and, believe it or not, I don't believe in evolution!

2. I recently got the spring cleaning bug (the first day of sunshine in Eastern Oregon) - it only lasted for one room.

3. I love anything artsy fartsy, have WAY TOO MANY CRAFT STASHES, and pretend I'll have time to do them all someday.

4. I love the idea of gardening - love the flowers and vegetables - do great with the watering and such for about 2 weeks. Then everything has to survive with drought and flood conditions!

5. Here is a bonus piece of info: I hide in the pantry closet to eat treats so that my kids don't see me and want some - oink, oink!

Four Jobs I've Held:

Waitress - I've been a waitress a few places, but the one that sticks out was "Kattle Kates". I was 18 and this is where I received several marriage proposals and was told by an old man that he had seen bigger lumps than that in his gravy (referring to my not-so-well-endowed breasts). I told him his wife was a bad cook!


Executive Assistant/Foundation Director

HR Director

Four Movies I could Watch Over and Over

I'm mostly a "watch a movie once" kind of a gal. After all - I've already seen it and I know what's going to happen! As you might already know, I get bored easily.

1. Its a Wonderful Life (of course - its a classic!)

2. Christmas Story (love the lines in this one: "You'll shoot your eye out" "Then I said it - the mother of all dirty words" etc.)

3. Beaches - Love that friendship between the two women - makes me cry every time! Plus Bet Midler singing "Auto Titsling" cracks me up.

4. Grumpy Old Men - I have to agree with Vonda - this is a keeper - makes me laugh every time! Filthy old men!

Places I've Lived (In order):

Baker City, OR

Eugene, OR

Lacey, WA (2 weeks - woo hoo)

Renton, WA

Burien, WA

Baker City, OR (again!)

Now, in my mind I've lived several exotic places - does that count?

Four TV Shows I like:

OK, here is the thing, we don't have t.v.! Well, let me clarify, we don't have cable t.v. So I watch t.v. about once a week on the rabbit ears! It saves us money and a load of wasted time - the t.v. seems to draw me in and put me in a drooling, trance. So, when I do get to watch it - there is not too many options! There are few great British comedies on OPB on Saturday night that I like:

1) Keeping Appearances

2) Shoot, I can't remember the name of this one! Its about a couple who met and fell in love when they were young, he went to war and they lost touch. Now, they are old and are back together. Its a cute and funny show with dry humor.

3) American Idol - it cracks me up to watch the people try out who think they know how to sing and don't. Pat absolutely hates any t.v. show like this because he gets mad and embarrassed for the people. He doesn't think its funny - mean me does!

4) Super Nanny - I like watching Joe's shocked faces and the idiotic parents who don't know how to control a two year old - come one - where is their brain? Pat also hates this one, embarrassed for the people - it actually makes him mad to watch either one of these shows. So I don't get to watch them much!

Four Favorite Foods

1. Deep Fried Prawns with tartar sauce

2. Stuffed Prawns

3. Clam Chowder

4. Haag n Daz Coffee Ice Cream

Where I would rather be:

I could type a huge list: a few places would be on the beach in Hawaii, camping in the mountains, shopping in a really cool cross stitch store......

Alright Barb and Loretta - it's your turn!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


YUMMY....LOOK WHAT I COOKED MYSELF ON MOTHERS DAY. YUMMY!   Bet you guys want one huh?  Yummy!!!   Did I say yummy!  Go here to see the story.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hopeless Mothering Job

I used to think our mom had no sense of humor, no patience, no tolerance if you will for the seven children she had. But as I look at these two photos (and believe me there are so many goofy photos over the years) I see now why she was seriously not amused by the antics and the noise level of a large family. We threw her a surprise 70th birthday party last summer and were snapping pictures throughout the entire event.

Here she is with my oldest, Brian. Look at that exasperated face! She once told him she was going to choke him with a dirty sock for a wise crack he made to her. Most of us took on the smarty pants antics of our father who loved nothing better than to tease the socks off of someone. I am afraid it must be in the gene pool...Brian is no better.

See what I mean?  Not one of us looking forward in this family photo.  I think she is just giving up on a good picture and thinking to herself that at least she had more control when we were little.  She could have booted us into the middle of next week if we didn't listen up.  

Well mom, you did your best.  You tried, really you did.  I am afraid seven against one is not fair play.  Happy mothers day to you.  I love you!

Happy mothers day to my sweet sisters.  I hope your day was as special as you are to me.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tag I'm It

I've been tagged by Shauna, and I have done this a while back but a little different. Hmmm! Let me think....think...think...think....think.

Four Things You Might/Might Not Want To Know About Me!

  • *I really despise digging in the dirt and up comes a cat poopy hand.  Oh turd on a stick!  I like cats but at those moments  I make a mental note to tell my husband he can shoot them. 
  • *I never imagined or thought I would have four children. But I did and have never once regretted the most important lights in my life.
  • *Some people think my eyes are green because of my contact lenses. lenses are clear and my eyes are green.
  • *I strongly dislike my straight and fine hair.  I have to paste and blow dry just to give it a little body which when it is rainy or hot or cold or dry or snowy or windy it just goes flat. 
Four jobs I've held:
  • *Waitress at the good old In and Out in Baker City
  • *Real Estate Secretary
  • *Executive Secretary Baker School District
  • *Administrative Asst., University of Oregon
Four movies I could watch over and over:
  • *Forrest Gump
  • *Steel Magnolias
  • *Fried Green Tomatoes
  • *Grumpy Old Men
Places I've lived (in order):
  • *Durkee, OR
  • *Baker City, OR
  • *Springfield, OR
  • *I am lame....I have never roamed far from home
Four TV shows I like:
  • *The Office (do you have to ask?)
  • *Food Network (Paula Deen is my hero)
  • *Super Nanny (I love Jo and how she kicks parents rears in shape)
  • *Days of Our Lives (don't ask what a habit this is for all these years)
Four favorite foods:
  • *Spaghetti
  • *Lasagna
  • *Chicken Bisque
  • *Fried Chicken
Where I would rather be:
  • *Home digging in the dirt, planting flowers.  
So now I get to TAG my three sisters.  Come on you guys play with me.  I think my older sisters are still trying to ignore me and leave me out of their games...they never respond.  How about you Krisit?  Huh?  Huh?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

This Tree

This tree is a cork screw willow. It really is quite charming with its crooked branches and when it's leaves come out it is even prettier. This tree sits in front of the house that Kyla lived in until she died. She grew this tree from a small twig she had rooted from a bouquet of flowers. Underneath this tree she planted strawberries which took off and spread all around. I had not see this for a year and a half so I was surprised to see how much it had grown. It stands so strong and lovely. I know she would be happy how it has turned out.

I too have a smaller version of this tree that is called the "Emma Tree" because it was taken from a bouquet of flowers Kyla received when Emma was born. She put it in a vase of water and waited patiently for it to root then transferred it to a pot. The tree grew very slowly in the pot and when we moved out to the house we are in now she planted it in the ground. The Emma tree has survived much abuse. It has been mowed down twice, deer-nibbled numerous times, broken by a limb falling from another tree and just generally not enough water. Willows love water and because of how far away from the house it is it has to be hand watered. But it is growing well now and the purple tulips Emma and I planted last fall have bloomed (those that the deer didn't chomp off).

Emma with the Emma Tree.

To me these trees will always represent how I think of my daughter....strong yet lovely.

Happy Birthday my sweet Kyla.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Aiy yi yi!!! you remember Grandma Haw saying Aiy yi yi! when she was disgusted or exasperated?  There was another Hungarian word she used to follow this and I can say it but I do not know how to spell it so in respect for the Hungarian language I won't even attempt to butcher it.  But you know what I mean.  I can still hear her say this in her broken English when she would see a man with shorts on.  She then followed it with "Look at those FILTHY HAIRY THINGS" in reference to the mans hairy legs.  I still laugh when I think of this.

What brought this up was while keeping Byron I realized he just loves to sing when there is any kind of music on or the piano is being played.  He also does this in church and when he is eating.  I think he is really happy during these times so this is what we hear.  So I leave you with this for the lovely upcoming weekend.

Cracks me up as he looks at himself in the video and how forceful he can sing.  Ha ha!