Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hopeless Mothering Job

I used to think our mom had no sense of humor, no patience, no tolerance if you will for the seven children she had. But as I look at these two photos (and believe me there are so many goofy photos over the years) I see now why she was seriously not amused by the antics and the noise level of a large family. We threw her a surprise 70th birthday party last summer and were snapping pictures throughout the entire event.

Here she is with my oldest, Brian. Look at that exasperated face! She once told him she was going to choke him with a dirty sock for a wise crack he made to her. Most of us took on the smarty pants antics of our father who loved nothing better than to tease the socks off of someone. I am afraid it must be in the gene pool...Brian is no better.

See what I mean?  Not one of us looking forward in this family photo.  I think she is just giving up on a good picture and thinking to herself that at least she had more control when we were little.  She could have booted us into the middle of next week if we didn't listen up.  

Well mom, you did your best.  You tried, really you did.  I am afraid seven against one is not fair play.  Happy mothers day to you.  I love you!

Happy mothers day to my sweet sisters.  I hope your day was as special as you are to me.


Jill said...

I love the picture with no one looking at the camera--very candid! It's a great picture!

Carrie said...

I came to you via BlogHer. Very funny, there is one obedient child looking into the camera, I would imagine he will be the one inheriting everything!

Kelli said...

This picture is funny, everyone looking different ways. I love all the funny things grandma says, she cracks me up!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Fun pictures! They seem to say so much when the faces are so expressive! I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Loretta said...

I just have one thing to say (or maybe several as the case may be) The one obedient child is in fact inheriting a lovely portion of the goods - all of moms 10, 20, 30 - oh darn - I forgot how may at this point - dogs. He is such a lucky favored child but I for one can't tell you how p l e a s e d I am for him (and the rest of us). Ha! Ha! I love you mom and all my siblings as well. We did indeed inherit our fathers antics. Vonda - notice I am gingerly, or not, trying to pull you in close to cover the other half of my "not so small" self.

Marlene Steiner said...

So this is Alta Mae.. The granddaughter of Nannie Pearl Morris McCullough..