Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tagged - Things you probably never wanted to know about me!

OK - sister Vonda - you've tagged me so remember, you asked for it:

Four Things You Might/Might Not Want To Know About Me!

1. I have hairy toes and crooked fingers and, believe it or not, I don't believe in evolution!

2. I recently got the spring cleaning bug (the first day of sunshine in Eastern Oregon) - it only lasted for one room.

3. I love anything artsy fartsy, have WAY TOO MANY CRAFT STASHES, and pretend I'll have time to do them all someday.

4. I love the idea of gardening - love the flowers and vegetables - do great with the watering and such for about 2 weeks. Then everything has to survive with drought and flood conditions!

5. Here is a bonus piece of info: I hide in the pantry closet to eat treats so that my kids don't see me and want some - oink, oink!

Four Jobs I've Held:

Waitress - I've been a waitress a few places, but the one that sticks out was "Kattle Kates". I was 18 and this is where I received several marriage proposals and was told by an old man that he had seen bigger lumps than that in his gravy (referring to my not-so-well-endowed breasts). I told him his wife was a bad cook!


Executive Assistant/Foundation Director

HR Director

Four Movies I could Watch Over and Over

I'm mostly a "watch a movie once" kind of a gal. After all - I've already seen it and I know what's going to happen! As you might already know, I get bored easily.

1. Its a Wonderful Life (of course - its a classic!)

2. Christmas Story (love the lines in this one: "You'll shoot your eye out" "Then I said it - the mother of all dirty words" etc.)

3. Beaches - Love that friendship between the two women - makes me cry every time! Plus Bet Midler singing "Auto Titsling" cracks me up.

4. Grumpy Old Men - I have to agree with Vonda - this is a keeper - makes me laugh every time! Filthy old men!

Places I've Lived (In order):

Baker City, OR

Eugene, OR

Lacey, WA (2 weeks - woo hoo)

Renton, WA

Burien, WA

Baker City, OR (again!)

Now, in my mind I've lived several exotic places - does that count?

Four TV Shows I like:

OK, here is the thing, we don't have t.v.! Well, let me clarify, we don't have cable t.v. So I watch t.v. about once a week on the rabbit ears! It saves us money and a load of wasted time - the t.v. seems to draw me in and put me in a drooling, trance. So, when I do get to watch it - there is not too many options! There are few great British comedies on OPB on Saturday night that I like:

1) Keeping Appearances

2) Shoot, I can't remember the name of this one! Its about a couple who met and fell in love when they were young, he went to war and they lost touch. Now, they are old and are back together. Its a cute and funny show with dry humor.

3) American Idol - it cracks me up to watch the people try out who think they know how to sing and don't. Pat absolutely hates any t.v. show like this because he gets mad and embarrassed for the people. He doesn't think its funny - mean me does!

4) Super Nanny - I like watching Joe's shocked faces and the idiotic parents who don't know how to control a two year old - come one - where is their brain? Pat also hates this one, embarrassed for the people - it actually makes him mad to watch either one of these shows. So I don't get to watch them much!

Four Favorite Foods

1. Deep Fried Prawns with tartar sauce

2. Stuffed Prawns

3. Clam Chowder

4. Haag n Daz Coffee Ice Cream

Where I would rather be:

I could type a huge list: a few places would be on the beach in Hawaii, camping in the mountains, shopping in a really cool cross stitch store......

Alright Barb and Loretta - it's your turn!


Jill said...

Aunt Krissie, I TOTALLY hide in the kitchen/garage to oink down treats too!!! Otherwise, either Byron or WADE wants some, and I get REALLY tired of sharing!! :) We're kindred spirits.

Vonda said...

Ha ha ha! I loved reading these. I do remember the hariy toe discussion I had with you guys while you were all here to see Kyla. Still makes me laugh. I also love those British shows especially Keeping Up Appearances. Don't you just love how her sisters embarrass her? Hiding in the pantry....funny but I remember those days. Now I must begin again lest my grandchildren see me with something good to eat.

Kelli said...

I like your idea of spring cleaning! Thats about how long my spring cleaning lasts also, and sometimes just watching my mom clean wears me out! I also love A Christmas Story and I can watch it over and over and never get tired of it. I, however, do not have to hide anywhere when I eat treats, I enjoy the glory of it all no matter where I am!