Saturday, May 3, 2008

This Tree

This tree is a cork screw willow. It really is quite charming with its crooked branches and when it's leaves come out it is even prettier. This tree sits in front of the house that Kyla lived in until she died. She grew this tree from a small twig she had rooted from a bouquet of flowers. Underneath this tree she planted strawberries which took off and spread all around. I had not see this for a year and a half so I was surprised to see how much it had grown. It stands so strong and lovely. I know she would be happy how it has turned out.

I too have a smaller version of this tree that is called the "Emma Tree" because it was taken from a bouquet of flowers Kyla received when Emma was born. She put it in a vase of water and waited patiently for it to root then transferred it to a pot. The tree grew very slowly in the pot and when we moved out to the house we are in now she planted it in the ground. The Emma tree has survived much abuse. It has been mowed down twice, deer-nibbled numerous times, broken by a limb falling from another tree and just generally not enough water. Willows love water and because of how far away from the house it is it has to be hand watered. But it is growing well now and the purple tulips Emma and I planted last fall have bloomed (those that the deer didn't chomp off).

Emma with the Emma Tree.

To me these trees will always represent how I think of my daughter....strong yet lovely.

Happy Birthday my sweet Kyla.


Jill said...

I just walked by her house yesterday and the willow is amazing!!! It's HUGE, and it's all full of leaves! It looks so pretty right now.

Loretta said...

Happy Birthday sweet neice of mine. I love and miss you but know how you are smiling on your mom and sisters, thanking them for continuing to carry your beauty on in everything they say and do. We all love and miss you. Kiss my son for me.