Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weekend Fun

Saturday after cleaning house most of the day this is what I got to do.

Isn't he just a little  doll?  Jill brought the boys out to visit and so I actually got out of digging in the dirt for a day.  It was so hot outside that I was happy to be inside being Grandma.

But then Sunday came.  Here is how I spent my hot, hot day.  I dug rock solid dirt down about ten inches out of this flower bed.  Nothing had been done for years and years because it was so hard.  I actually had to take a pick axe to part of it closest to the house.  Then came wheel barrow after wheel barrow of dirt to be hauled away.  I thought it would never end. 

Now the base is dug down and this next weekend I will be putting in good soil and amendments.  We (and I say this loosely) will be replacing the borders and haven't quite decided what to use yet.  Wood just rots but stone is so expensive.  But in the mean time I will be planting the flowers and trimming back the rose bushes that are already there.  Oh my aching back.

This is the bouquet that Dave gave me for mothers day.  It is still continuing to open with another new color each day.  Beautiful!


Kristi said...

Vonda - He is such a cutie - cant wait to squeeze him. Nice pick ax work in the garden!

Love you -

Anonymous said...

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Jill said...

Dad always gets you the prettiest flowers! Your hard work outside is looking great, ma! Now if you could only control the special ed bird(s) that make a habit out of trying to peck their way thru your windows...