Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Weighty Issues and Conversations

Barb and I are trying to get in a walk as often as we can for exercise. A few years back we were walking each day after work and it helped to keep us accountable. While walking we discuss many things but sometimes the topic just keeps coming back to our aging bodies and weight issues.

I talked with Loretta the other day by phone and told her that I needed to go walk with Barb because if I didn't my cheeks would continue to flap in the not passing gas (or as I tell Dave "a fluff") but literally I don't want everyone else to feel the earth move. Barb called to see if I wanted to walk today and we discussed the weekend and she told me she really fell off the wagon on Sunday with the family BBQ. I began to agree that I also had fell off the wagon but then I realized I never was on the wagon. The best that had happened with regard to the food issue is I may have had one leg on the wagon....the rest was dragging behind. And I mean BEHIND.

P.S. I found a trick I am going to try for weighing. This picture says it all. Dang! Have we been weighing ourselves wrong all of this time?


Jill said...

That picture is AMAZING! Why didn't I think of doing that??? Criminy!

carrie & troy keiser said...

That picture is funny! said...

Soooo, that is why my scale was not working. Silly me, I broke it thinking that I was supposed to stand on it. I'll get a new one right away and use it properly! Thanks!!!