Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm Baaaaack

Hello everyone,
Yes, it's long lost Barbara. I apologize for the long absence. Our home computer was laid to rest a few months ago and the only time I can blog is at work. (Ethics and all deterring me) But as you see I'm here at last. I've been trying to catch a few minutes here and there to read the backlog of ponderings from everyone but am am still a little behind. (I would kill for someone to say that to me without breaking into hysterics.) My life is just one big Lucille Ball episode most of the time but nothing compared to my sisters. So my blogs shall be bland and tasteful hoping to impart some of those traits here.

Awe summer is finally here; birds are singing, flowers are blooming and all God's creatures are coming forth and INVADING MY HOUSE! I have visions of last summer already. I came home Tuesday and older son Jason and grandson Joska were home. I walked into the kitchen and the counters seemed to be moving. (Mind you I only wear my glasses in extreme emergencies - like when I need to actually see something.) When I turned on the lights there were little sugar ants feasting on the remnants of Jason's strawberry smoothie. At least they eat healthy. Jason's idea of cleaning up is too use a spit moistened rag and casually, ever so slightly, kiss the counter with the cloth while gazing into the TV hoping that whatever was there will jump up and cling to the rag. ARRRRGH! There I got that off my chest. (Another phrase that I wish someone would say without laughing - you know the old age sagging thing-well that's another story.) Anyway I pulled out the ammonia and went after the counters and all other surfaces destroying all things that crawl. To hell with that whole Buddhist -remove the earthworm before you dig deal-those ants are mine!

Then last night I came home and was greeted with the news that Joska has lice. OK that's more than I can stand and I can't stands no more. We (I forced Jason into slave labor) pulled all bedding, furniture pillows, rugs, towels, anything that wasn't nailed down and put it in the laundry. I stayed up half the night and am still washing, washing, washing. (Swing low sweet chariot.) Jason started to leave in the middle of everything - wanted to go out- "I'll take care of the laundry tomorrow". I don't think so "mister" as Kallista would say. Are you crazy those critters aren't staying in this house another minute. And home tonight to shampoo the carpets. The only positive thing that came out of it was Jason cut Joes hair- well shaved is the more appropriate term. You could rub that boys head like a crystal ball and make a wish. He needless to say was not happy. He had been working on growing his hair out to look "cool."

Anyway I'm thinking that we are being tested with the whole plague thing. What's next? Frogs, snakes? Stay tuned and be very afraid.
Ta Ta all.


Vonda said...

Even though I heard this story it is even more funny to read it. You are a kook! Poor little Joey and his no hair. It's hard being a little kid and bringing these varmits in the house. I love the description of Jason and the TV Har har!!! Sounds like Brian.

Jill said...

ha ha ha! Poor Aunt Barb--you have the worst luck with all these varmints!!! Especially for someone who is so incredibly clean and tidy always--I think they're after you for that very reason!!! :) Jason cracks me up--I swear it's a guy thing, Wade is the SAME WAY! I feel for you :) Love you!

Kristi said...

Barb - this brings back memories! Did you take pictures? (See my pictures from our episode!) I feel your pain!

Love you!

P.S. - Nice to see you still exist!