Monday, June 30, 2008

Its a Jungle Out Here!

Hey sisters! Just had to share some pictures from our homeschool groups Spring Festival and Award night. The kids did a drama to the song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". Jordan was a native:

Addie was a panther:

And Lexie . . . . . . well she didn't have to act too much - she was a monkey, surprise surprise!

Here is a pretty low quality video of it, but I couldn't resist showing you. Jordan is the first native that comes in - the one checking out the bongo. Lexie is on the very right of the jungle animals and Addie is in the middle doing the cat noises. Pretty cute though and Lexie wanted to do it again.

This homeschool group is a group a friend of mine and I started 2 years ago. We do activities 1-2 times a month. We have about 20 families involved but this video shows kids from about 7 families. The kids really love getting together and doing learning acitivities that you can't do as easily with just a few kids. It gives them a sense that they are not they only ones homeschooling and gives them an opportunity to make like-minded friends with similar interests.

O.k one more picture - here is a picture of Jordan pitching in his first year of majors - such a serious guy - watch out batter!


Jill said...

Too cute! Jordie's such a big man these days *sigh*

Egghead said...

This is so much when I wish we lived closer. I would have loved to see that program. I had to watch the video three times....cute cute cute. The makeup on the kids was so great...I love those monkey ears. Good job to Jordan, Lexie and Addie. So cute and Jordan looks like a pro pitching.