Monday, June 16, 2008

What A Thong Will Do To You

So I told Barb the other day that I hit a bike rack with my car. Yes I did. How? Welllll  I was parking in a space in a parking lot with a bike rack looming in front of me and let's just say my foot became tangled in my "thong" and caught on the gas pedal. Fortunately it was just creeping along and did no damage to the car or the bike rack but I sure looked like the big fool I am.

Now for the "thong".  I know what you are all thinking. My children always call me on this term and even though I know the times have changed I continue to call a "flip flop" a thong.  After all when we were kids this is what they were.  In fact a string caught up your crack and hooked to a piece of elastic was the furthest thing (still is) from our tiny world. 

Barb said "I am picturing your thong getting caught on the gas pedal".  "How did you manage to accomplish such a feat?"  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

She is so funny!  


Jill said...

Oh sure, Mom, we all know how you are with your thongs...scandalous hussy, you! :) he he! Don't worry, it took me and Kyla a long time to call them flipflops, too, because when they suddenly became popular again (when I was in Highschool), I still thought of them as thongs!

Kelli said...

Good story, this exact thing happened with Kyla and I one time! She told me her thong was stuck on the pedal and I said WHAT??? That was when flip flops first started coming back out and I didn't know that they were ever called thongs. That phrase does give the person listening a very unpleasant image!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Oh thanks for the laugh! that is a great story!

April said...

Oh no. I had to break my habit of calling them thongs too!

When my SIL visits she leaves her thongs hanging on my bathroom towel rack and I still call it a g-string.....she's 6 years older than me!!!! Why is she wearing those?