Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Sisters Garden

Since Barb will never do this on her own I will have to take over and post some photos of her beautiful gardening. I would love to just live in this back yard. She has put many hours into making this such a wonderful retreat.

I did not take nearly enough photos of the plants that are just amazing. Her lilies are blooming and it is so green and lovely back here.

This is such a beautiful and bright clematis and it is loving this spot.

I should have taken a photo of the entire hydrangea as it is the largest one I have ever seen. It is at least five feet or more wide and close to six feet tall. This is a closeup of the flower. I think this one is called a lace capped hydrangea.

Here is Barb's grandson, Joska. He now has very short hair due to a small little bug invading his personal space and look........a tattoo. He needed documentation as it will wash off if he takes too many more baths. Of course he wants to protect it as long as possible so I suppose he will be taping it up to keep it dry. He cracks me up.

I didn't put this in here because of Lucy and Byron but now I look at it and realize that Byron is stealing Lucy's shoes. Ha! Ha! Actually it is to show how pretty that part of the yard is. Barb, you have a green thumb!