Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Ultimate End of the Year Field Trip

To wrap up our end of the year with homeschooling we decided to do a "little" field trip. We have been studying geology and how God created the earth. No, it is not millions of years old, and no, it didn't take millions of years to form large canyons, petrified wood or fossils. So, what was our little field trip, you ask? We took a 9 day adventure with Genesis of Idaho - a group of creation scientists/geologists to Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon. It was so awesome for the kids to see these beautiful creations with geologists right by your side explaining how they were formed, showing evidence of the great flood and explaining what evolutionists believe and the lack of evidence for their "theory" that is taught as fact.

We went with 110 other people, which included several homeschool families, and camped with them for the 9 days. A caterer fed us dutch oven cooking so we did not have to provide our food. We just hiked, and hiked and hiked. It was a great time, we met some wonderful people, and we're looking forward to their next field trip! Here are some pictures:

First at Zion:

One of the trails we hikes was called Angels' Landing. It is one of the most difficult trails to hike and the most scary. Pat and I had hiked it before we had kids. It was definitely a different dynamic with kids. I don't like heights all that well - I especially don't like watching my kids hike them with just a chain to hold onto, on a 2-3 ft wide trail, and sheer cliff drop offs on either side of them. Pat really wanted them to experience it, so we "experienced it"! Here is Addie taking a breath on the way up - before we hit the narrowest part of the trail with just the chain. She is on a set of switchbacks that takes you up, up, way up to the top of these rock cliffs:

Lexie had the easy ride:

There were some really fun nooks and crannies along the trail:

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of the scary part of the trail - pictures don't do it justice because you can't see the sheer drop offs that were below us, believe me, they were there! This is Addie being held onto by a wonderful gentlemen that was with us - see where the bushes are on either side, they are growing on the side of a sheer drop off.

This is a picture of our bus driver - an awesome Christian Grandpa - He is standing on one of the narrowest parts of the trail. To the left of his foot (the left part of the picture) is the sheer cliff - no you can't pass anyone on the trail here! I kept telling myself, look up Kristi, look up!

We finally made it to the top - the picture is proof. I wished the picture could show you how high up we were - it was hard for me to stand up there without feeling dizzy:

The view was incredible - no I couldn't bring myself to lean over the edge to give you a shot of the quick way down! Although it does give you an idea of the sheer drop offs were were hiking on:

Here is Lexie after the hike - exhausted. She did fine on Pat's back on the way up because she was looking up. But, the way down was a little unnerving because she could see how far down the bottom was and how narrow the trail was. She kept saying Daaaaaaadddddy, Moooooommmmmeee!

That afternoon, we decided to cool off a bit. We hiked a trail called The Narrows. It is a trail that goes between to canyon walls, most of which you hike in the middle of a river. In fact, you can't hike it if there is going to be rain because of the possibility of flash floods and no where for you to go:

After Zion, we went to Bryce Canyon - a very cook place. Of course we hiked down to the bottom! Here are some pics from the hike: Cool Hoodoos:
Cute Flanagan Family and the Hoodoos in the background:

Views you can only get by hiking down!

Resting in the shade on the trail:

Boy are we tough:

O.k. - maybe not all of us are that tough, but look at this guy. He carried the girls like this most of the way back up!

Then came the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Yes we did hike down it - but only half way. We only had a half day for that hike. Here we are up at the top:

Then on the way down:

Here is Lexie finishing the climb:

Here is some happy girls after the hike:

We have been reading Brighty of the Grand Canyon for the trip. Here are the kids with a statue of Brighty:

And here we are again up on top:

So, would you like to come homeschool with us?????

Ok, back to reality - selling Krispy Kremes to raise money for our homeschool group - 250 dozen sold:


Egghead said...

Wow! What an experience. The photos are great and the funny thing is that Brian and Charo went to all of these places and brought back photos of many of the same places...the narrow trails, the hike in the river. They made it to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and Brian was sick running a temperature of 102. When he got to the bottom he was so hot that he laid down in the creek then stayed in a little room at the bottom for a few days until the fever broke so he could hike back up. Made for a dreadful experience with the heat and all. Tell Pat I am so impressed that he could do that hike with not only Lexie but both girls. Yikes! What a man.

Jill said...

What beautiful pictures! I'm so impressed with all of you guys, you did great! And Pat with at least one kid on his back the whole time--what a manly beast! That last picture? TOTALLY makes me homesick for Baker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to come visit again, I miss you guys!