Monday, July 28, 2008

We Interrupt This Program for an Artsy Fartsy Break!

Some people say they have no creativity. I believe that God created everyone with creativity - just expressed in different ways. After all, we are created in His image - and He is a very creative God! I believe most of us have been "trained out of our creativity". From being told to color in the lines to being told "that doesn't go together", we begin to think only inside the box. In fact, when I try to get outside of my box, begin to do something artsy fartsy, a part of me comes alive that isn't there otherwise. So sisters, with that being said, here are my latest attempts to get out of my box and be artsy fartsy. Here is my first attempt at a large quilt - I am definitely a special needs quilter but I'm very excited how it turned out:

My friend Aprile is guilty for turning me on to junk shopping. I think I'm becoming a little addicted. You can find some junk that can be turned into something really fun! This was an old wooden shoe shine box. With a little paint, distressing and a fun knob, it turned into a cute little box for something special - not sure what I'll use it for, but I like it!

Ok, now for my grand poo ba of junk finds this weekend. I've been wanting to make a coat rack for my girls' room to hang their sweaters on. Aprile and I looked for an old shutter to turn into a sweater rack when I visited her a few weeks ago - no luck. So, look what I found this weekend at the Salvation Army for $5:

Yes, its an old twin headboard and baseboard. Are your wheels turning, can you see the possibilities? Look what it turned into - I'm so excited!

The sweater hooks were the most expensive part of the hole thing. I added the base board above them to make a picture shelf. Here is a close up of the sweater hooks:

I'm definitely getting addicted to this - sisters and nieces, want to come with me?


Vonda said...

Oh dang it. I wish I would have known you were looking for wooden shutters. I have lots of them because they were on the old windows we had replaced. I saved them for painting projects for our sisters get aways but they are still in the attic. I have seen them painted with winter scenes and all kinds of cute things.....but you know my painting skills.
Anyway you are welcome to have some if you! This looks like such fun projects. I wish we lived closer.....:) Cute job on the sweater rack....I am confused at how you put the head board and baseboard together though...Did you make part of it into a shelf? It is hard to tell.

Nice quilt work. Did you machine quilt? I don't have the patience to hand quilt like mom does. It looks very good though. I like it. You are such a crafty girl. Show us more!

Kristi said...

Thanks sis! I knocked the legs off the baseboard and it fit nicely to make the shelf - cool beans! No, sis I don't hand quilt, I would need another life without kids, homeschooling, husband, job, etc. etc. I actually want to see a project done in this lifetime!!! I would love as many shutters as you are willing to part with!!! Awesome!

Are we doing a sister trip this year?????

Off to see Etsy!

Jill said...

Crafty chick! I like all of your latest crafts! The sweater rack is rad--I'm very impressed!
Love you!

Kelli said...

Wow, I'm very impressed Kris! All of your crafts are so cute! I would buy any of them in a heart beat. I want to be crafty now, I think I'll go goodwill shopping! :)