Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yes Sir, Teacher, Yes Sir!

Brian began school in Buffalo on Monday and he told me that he has to dive right in and begin teaching five days a week. He is teaching a beginning Spanish class so he wasn't particularly excited about that. Part of the purpose of going on to get his Ph.D. is so that he can feel like he is still be somewhat challenged. But this is good practice and he will at least know what he does not want to teach if this is something that he doesn't enjoy that much. 

So if you click on the picture below you can see he is now officially teaching a course at Buffalo University! 

We are proud of you Brian. Keep us posted on what is going on with you. I have bugged him for a couple of years to do a blog since he was seeing some pretty cool things while in Spain. Finally he says I forced him to begin one. Who knows if he will have time to keep up on it but there is a link on the side bar to it.

Note: Be aware he thinks he is pretty hilarious and put a warning of adult content on there. So when you click on his name it will warn you there is adult content. But it is clean. Goof ball.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Cool Giveaway!

One of Jill's friends, Shauna, has a cool business of cards and such called Lemon Drop Studio. She is having a giveaway and I think all you should go and visit her site and leave a comment to be entered into her giveaway! I actually have bought her cards twice now and I just love them. They are made with such pretty paper and the fun thing is when you receive them her packaging is almost as good as the cards and tags themselves.

Just a few of her cute cards!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Berry Pickin and Making Jam

Hey everyone! We've been busy picking huckleberries and blackberries and making jam at the Flanagan Funny Farm!!!! The kids are having a great time helping me make jam this year. They are calling it "their jam" now. I wonder if anyone else will get a taste! Vonda - I know I've already rubbed it in but the huckleberries are awesome this year - you are missing out! (Hee, Hee)

It is a tradition for our little family to take our tent trailer up in the Eagle Mountains (30 minutes away from our house in Eastern Oregon). My kids start asking about huckleberry season about every February! We pick and camp out, rising early the next morning to get some more picking in before breakfast. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without fresh huckleberry pancakes for breakfast!

I've been busy organizing and trying to get ready for the school year. Are you all ready for some more lessons from the Flanagan Funny Farm Homeschool? We feel the responsibility and need to make sure you are all educated!!!! We actually started a few lessons this week, so stay tuned for a homeschool lesson coming your way soon!

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hoping For Education

Good day sisters! Just wanted to let you know that Brian has now officially reached Buffalo, New York where he will begin his Ph.D. program next week. I told him that he needs to begin a blog and show us what he is up to including all the photos he recently took in Portugal and Spain.

He has a nice little one bedroom apartment in graduate student housing that is completely furnished and has cable, phone, internet all included. He looks out his living room window on to a lake complete with ducks. Maybe the view will make up for all the hard work and the cold temperatures he will endure.

Now I know he just lives for education and I'm pretty proud of all he has accomplished. But sheesh! Sometimes! This is the poor pathetic look I usually get when telling him at 32 that he still needs to pick up his dirty socks and stinky shoes while home visiting.

Maybe he'll come back home all edjucated. Da ya thunk? Perfesser Brian.